Today’s students using social media tools to benefit their studies

In today's information age, students have been using social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter to help them study for quite some time. However, a relatively new service called Pinterest has been making waves in academia, according to Edudemic.

A virtual bulletin board, Pinterest allows users to "pin" images, web pages and other useful material they come across online to their own personalized dashboard. Students can leverage the power and simplicity of this service to help them in their studies.

The site allows users to search for items related to education, as well as browse other people's boards to find useful, informative and interesting things online. Helpful anatomical diagrams, chemical compositions, reading lists and works of art can all be found within a few clicks, and are easily saved to a user's board for later reference. Groups of students can also create shared boards, which could be useful when compiling class research projects or working toward common goals.

Social media is becoming more prevalent in academia. According to Sci-Tech Today, recent studies indicate that nearly two-thirds of faculty members polled used at least one social media platform in their lectures.

If you're using the internet to find the college for you, try searching for your prospective schools on Pinterest to see what people are saying.


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