Technology is Key for College Students with Hectic Schedules

student with computerCollege campuses are way more wired than they were even ten years ago.  It’s easier to find an outlet to plug your computer in than it is to find a pencil sharpener.  Some college students still don’t think their universities utilize enough technology in their education, though.  In fact, E-Campus News reports that the majority of college students who work full-time jobs say that more educational technology tools are needed on campuses, echoing research that documents a widening gap between student and faculty technology preferences:

The survey results were indicative of nontraditional students who find time before or after work to take classes and earn a college degree. Enrollment in online educational programs has skyrocketed in the past two years – especially at community colleges — as millions of adults return to school during the country’s economic downturn.

“Students live online; our classes need to live there as well,” said Ken Baldauf, director of Florida State University’s Program in Interdisciplinary Computing, adding that students’ technological preferences show that traditional classroom lessons might soon be a campus relic. “Lectures need to transform into brainstorming sessions, and textbooks need to move online to take advantage of the wealth of resources available there.”

Incorporating familiar online platforms such as Facebook or other learning management systems that have similar interactive functionalities, Baldauf said, would be key in satisfying technology preferences for students with jobs and family lives, and those with neither.

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