Take Notes Like a Pro in Your Next Class

While it might be a pain and at times sleep-inducing, note-taking is a part of being a college student. The quality of the notes you take during class can make all the difference between receiving an A or C on your next exam.


Here are a few quick tips to help improve your note-taking skills:

Many professors will hand out a syllabus at the beginning of the semester that outlines the topic that each session will cover. Use this as a guide!

Keep all your notes organized by course name and chronological date.

There’s no use in writing notes if you can’t find them! Make sure that your notes are easily accessible by keeping them in a folder, binder, or notebook.

Pay close attention to things that the professor emphasizes as important; if the professor puts it on the whiteboard, write it down.

To save yourself time, it’s okay to write in phrases and use abbreviations.

Write down facts that you need to memorize, like names and dates, as well as math and science formulas you need to be familiar with.

Always review your notes before each lecture; knowing the big ideas from the previous class session will help you make connections to the new information.

If your professor allows it, bring a tape-recorder and then review the recording later to see if you missed anything important.

Use color. Did you know writing in color will help you retain 50-80% more of the information without reading it a second time? Highlighters can also be helpful for emphasizing major points.

Do you have any note-taking secrets? Share in the comments below!

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