Surviving Summer at Home After Freshman Year

Going home for the summer after your freshman year of college is not always the smoothest of transitions. For some, it may even be harder than going to college in the first place! What you must remember is that this is brand new territory – you’re not at school anymore, but you’re not the same person who lived at home before.

Here are some things to keep in mind as you survive your first summer home!

Talk to Your Parents

Seriously. Both you and your parents have very different expectations of what life should be like with you living under their roof again. The sooner you discuss things like curfew, the sooner you can get on the same page and avoid unnecessary squabbles.

Embrace High School Friends

When high school friends first see each other after freshman year, everyone can seem different. All of us go through changes in college. You may not feel it, but you will have grown a lot in that first year of school and act differently than you did at the end of your senior year. Know that many of your friends might seem like different people or you might seem very different to them. Embrace these changes and avoid judgment. We’re all just figuring out who we are. Focus on the friends you still connect with and are most important to you.

Stay in Touch

You probably met a ton of new friends in college – stay in touch with them! It will feel nice to commiserate about being away from school with someone who knows how great your school is and went through that first freaky year with you. While its perfectly normal to miss these friends, don’t dwell on the fact that you’re not together – plan a fun visit or things you can do together when you’re all back at school in the fall.

Harness Your Independence

You’ve been living on your own essentially for nine months. It’s hard to strike a balance between independence and dependence living at home, but if you embrace responsibility and show your slightly more mature side, life at home will run more smoothly.

Get in Shape!

Did the Freshman 15 get the best of you? Use this summer to eat healthy and spend your spare time getting back in shape. Nothing will feel better than going back to school as a Sophomore knowing you can tackle anything your second year throws at you!

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  1. Nasif says:

    Going to home after a long time at college is fun and exciting. But staying home for long can be boring too.

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