Spend This Summer Off Campus!

Newsflash: moving off campus during the summer is a great experience!

While there are many wonderful reasons to stay on campus when classes are not in session, there are cons to limiting yourself to the same set of buildings you spend the school year navigating. Below is a list of reasons why getting off campus during the summer is a smart move.

Relocation sparks creativity. Recently, CNN reported research showing that challenging yourself with learning the ropes of a new campus or town improves your ability to think creatively. Why? When you surround yourself with people and places you are not used to in everyday life, you make new connections and begin to see the world from a different perspective. It also helps you find out more about yourself and your own habits.

Hit the refresh button. Getting away from your campus during the summer months will not only feel like a vacation (even if you are doing research or working…) but when you get back to your old stomping grounds in the fall, you won’t be completely tired of walking the same streets every day. Your favorite coffee shop will await you with open arms and it will be so nice to be back.

Expand your network. Even moving to a different neighborhood can introduce you to new people you otherwise never would have met. If you’re working an internship, doing research or even just hanging out somewhere other than your school, the connections you make can be beneficial post graduation when you need a job and are exploring all leads. They can also be fun!

Construction season? Depending on where you attend school, summer might be the only time your campus can tear down and rebuild buildings or fix roads. Basically, summer can mean construction season. Get off campus to avoid the hassle.

Study Abroad. Many students find studying abroad during the school year tricky if they are trying to double major or participate in athletics that require them to be on campus year round. Use the summer to travel abroad and take classes! Check with your counselor to see if your school offers summer courses abroad.

This is not to say that there aren’t compelling reasons to stay on campus during the summer months. Remember, you have several summers during your college years. Use each one to grow in a new way and don’t be afraid to try something different each year!

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