Six Reasons Why You Should Embrace College Pride This Fall

Six Reasons Why You Should Embrace College Pride


Walk into any college bookstore and it will probably take you less than five seconds to find something with your school’s name on it. If you wanted to, you could dress yourself up in your school’s apparel, from your college colored socks, to the logo on your baseball cap! The student parking lot is full of bumper stickers supporting your football and hockey teams, and your friends’ dorm rooms are littered with mugs and posters, all with an outline of your school! So what’s the point of all this hype? Here are six reasons why you should embrace college pride this fall!

Reason #1

Whatever you had to do to get yourself here is an accomplishment! Getting into college is no easy task, and it’s not for everyone. You have to spend your high school years getting decent grades, getting yourself involved in activities, and getting a job, just to prove that you’re a hard worker! You have to take the SATs, just to show admissions boards that you know a thing or two! Be proud that you got into college!

Reason #2

This is where you are getting your education. This is where you will be trained to become the young professional you will someday be. This is the institution that is carving your future. Be proud that this college has given you a path to success.

Reason #3

Not only is this where you are learning to be an architect, or a nurse, or a teacher, but this is where you are learning to become an independent adult! College is where you will learn how to plan and manage your time. It’s where you will develop new opinions and philosophies about the world. It’s where you will decide what defines you. Be proud that your school is helping to make you who you are.

Reason #4

Nobody gets out of college without making some new friends and sharing some good laughs. College is incredibly rich with social experiences. They don’t call it the best years of your life for nothing! Be proud that this school will give to you the people and moments that mean everything!

Reason #5

College students today know more than anyone that getting a degree isn’t cheap. It’s an investment that will have to be paid off over many years! Your college or university is something that you believe will better you and for that, it is worth every penny. Be proud that this institution is where you put your money.

Reason #6

College is a time commitment. It takes at least four years to earn a bachelors, and many find themselves taking even longer than that! In addition, some professions require a masters degree, or even a PhD. That’s a lot of time to devote to school! Be proud that this is school is where you have chosen to spend many years of your life.


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