School Shopping DON’Ts

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Whether you’re a freshman-to-be or a seasoned upperclassman, it’s important to have everything you need to make your college experience a great one. When it comes to shopping for school, refer to this list of school shopping DON’Ts:

Don’t buy too many things to fit your space: College closets and bedrooms are usually on the smaller side, and you may find yourself with less storage space than you were used to at home.

Don’t buy anything too expensive: Even if you’re very careful with your possessions, you will be surrounded by people that may not be as cautious. College is a time when you should enjoy yourself and not constantly worry about things getting ruined. Leave expensive clothes at home, look for kitchen supplies that you can give away at the end of the year without feeling like you wasted money, and try to fix shared home items rather than buying new ones throughout the year.

Don’t go overboard on bulk items: In college, you will share cabinet and refrigerator space with one or more roommates. Though in many cases it’s a good idea to save by buying in bulk, be conscious of not buying more than you can store or more than you will consume in a reasonable amount of time. Further, many students gain weight in college, and having a seemingly endless supply of food will not help with your willpower when you’re hungry late at night.

Don’t buy computer software: Software packages like Microsoft Office can cost hundreds of dollars, and it is likely that you can get it for free when you purchase your computer through the university. Check to see what deals your university can offer—even if you can’t get the newest version, you can often buy the older version for a very discounted price.

Don’t buy a printer: As a student, part of your tuition payment goes toward a printing allotment of a few hundred pages per semester. It may seem more convenient to have a printer in your room, but utilizing your allotment and printing all of your papers off a university computer will save you from making an unnecessary purchase.

Don’t spend a lot of money on unnecessary things: At the time it may seem like a good idea to spend $100 on a Halloween costume or St. Patricks Day accessories, but in the end, it is not a great idea. You will be able to enjoy these purchases for only one day or one weekend, and then will be left wondering why you spent so much on it. Instead, try to be creative with things you already own or things you can borrow from friends to achieve the same desired look.

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