Newsflash: Staying On Campus In Summer Is Cool!

NEWSFLASH: Just because school is out does not mean there aren’t awesome things happening on your college campus! Staying on campus during the summer is a terrific way to explore your school in new ways. You can maintain your independence and have a little vacation at the same time. Who knows? Maybe you’ll learn something too…

Find a Summer Sublet

If you live in the dorms during the school year, chances are you won’t be able to reside there in the summer. Even if you can, consider finding a summer sublet off campus. It will probably be on the less expensive side. Depending on your campus and town layout, this could be a great opportunity to sample living off campus.

Take a Class

Yeah, the last thing you want to do in the summer is attend more school. BUT, if you need a couple credits here or there, it can’t hurt to get those out of the way in the summer. Taking one or two classes at a time will be easier than a huge course load in the fall. Make it a fun class if you want!

Take Advantage of School Resources

A lot of colleges have museums and galleries on campus that are free (or almost free) for students. Universities are wonderful homes for great artwork and science facilities for obvious reasons – they want their students to have access to the best information!

Check out Summer Events in Town

Explore your college town as though you were a local, and not just a student! Summer is prime time for art and food festivals; outdoor movie screenings; restaurant deals; and more! Don’t be a stranger.

Research Opportunities

Many schools offer research opportunities to undergraduate students wishing to gain hands-on experience in their field of study. This is an excellent time to focus on research since you won’t have other classes and homework on your mind. Working with professors and grad students will give you great insight into your field and lessons for your future career. These people will more than likely help you make connections for post-graduation.


Try to plan on staying at your campus during the summer with some friends. Gather a group that inspires you or encourages you to try new things and get creative. The beauty of the season is that you’ve got time to apply what you’ve learned at school to your own projects. Make connections!

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