How to Salvage Your Grade Before It’s Too Late

frustrated-student-whiteThe end of the semester is in sight! But you’ve taken a look at your grade so far and you aren’t pleased. You don’t want to fail, so how do you salvage your grade before it’s too late? Here are some tips that will help you bump up your grade.


If you haven’t already, the first thing you must do is get serious about your school work. Part of the reason why students’ grades start slipping is because they lose focus. It’s easy to get distracted by the end of the year approaching and other commitments like clubs and sports, but with a failing grade on the line, you need to re-prioritize and make school your top priority.

Meet with Your Professor

Talk to your professor. This should be at the top of your to-do list. Visit your professor during their visiting hours or try to catch him or her before leaving after class. Discuss your performance on your past tests and assignments and let him or her know that you are aware you haven’t done your best work. Your professor may help you identify what exactly you need to improve upon and can help you work on it. He or she can also recommend tutors who can assist you.

Seek Outside Help

Seeking out a tutor or going to a place that offers essay services, such as a writing center, can help you. A writing center can help you with your essay skills. A tutor that specializes in your subject can help you as well. The library is another good source to work on improving your essay and research skills.

Two Heads are Better than One

You don’t have to work alone on improving your grade. Ask your friends for their help. You can form a study group in your class. The more help you receive, the better chance you have of improving your grade. If you don’t like working independently, working with a group will help you study better.

Go the Extra Mile

If it’s possible, check with your professor to see if there are any extra assignments you can do to earn extra credit. If you did badly on a past exam or essay, ask if you can re-write it for a better grade.

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