How Much Sleep Should a College Student Get?

clockHow many hours do college students need?

Raise your hand if you think 8 hours.

Raise your hand if you think 7 hours.

Raise your hand if you think 6 hours.

Using our advanced hand-raising-censor-technology, we calculated that most of you think we need between 6 and 8 hours.

The truth of it is, however, that it varies with the individual.  And since you know yourself better than anybody else, it’s a fairly simple thing to gage.  Can you function on less than 8 hours? No? Then you need 8 hours of sleep.  Do you feel mighty fine and dandy after only 4 hours of sleep? Well, then you’re a superhuman.

As long as you can reach those deep phases of REM and NREM sleep, you’re good.  According to CampusGrotto, researchers have shown evidence that brain waves during the latter part of the sleep period promote the capacity to store fact-based memories. This could mean we not only need sleep to remember what we’ve learned, but we need it to learn in the first place.

So, what about those other factors?

Who doesn’t love naps?  And guess what? They’re actually pretty good for you to help recharge and improve overall alertness, mood and productivity.  So if you’re tired and you have a lot more to finish studying for your final exam, take a 20 minute nap if you have time to recharge.

For the lucky few who have this problem, oversleeping can actually make you more sleepy throughout the entire day.  If you tend to fall asleep at 11pm and walk up at noon, an alarm clock might be your best friend.

A frat house isn’t the best place to get some quality, Zzzz’s.  Even just white noise throughout the night can keep you from REM sleep.  In cases like this, try ear buds!

Nighttime Computer Use
Surfing the web before going to bed is not the best idea.  Research has shown that bright screens before bed make it more difficult to fall asleep. Plus, we all know we’re our own worst enemy when it comes to going online for what you plan is 5 minutes and staying on for 2 hours.

How much sleep to do you get? Comment and share!

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