Getting Smarter by Using your Smart Phone: 5 Tips on Using Technology to Study and Stay Organized

We are a generation that might as well consider our cell phone to be an article of clothing. We wouldn’t dare leave the house without it, and we feel naked when we realize we don’t have it.  We check our cell phones countless times a day to send and receive texts, check emails, play games, call home, watch videos, listen to music, and surf the web. We have on us at all times this incredible piece of technology, but how often are we using it to assist in our college education?

Here are 5 ways in which you can direct some of your phone’s awesomeness into assisting your student self:

Use Your Calendar:

By taking the time to fill in your schedule, including the times you’re setting aside to eat, do homework, see friends, and sleep, you can effectively plan and manage your time. Smart phone calendars also tend to shade in different colors for the times in which you are unavailable, giving you a more realistic concept of your time than a list of appointments would.

Set Task Alarms:

In addition to using your phone to wake up in the morning, it may be beneficial to set other alarms for the times in which you intend to have specific tasks completed. You’ll be more likely to keep on task not only if you’re setting mini-goals for yourself with your phone, but if your phone has something to say about it if you’re supposed to be done reading a chapter and you haven’t even cracked open the book.

Use Your Notepad:

This comes in handy when you unexpectedly run into your professor in the hallway and he tells you he’s moving the quiz up a day, or when your classmate explains a tough concept at the dining hall you didn’t understand when you were studying. You won’t always have your notebooks with you when you have important information to jot down. By using your notepad, or even texting yourself, you can have a mobile record.

Store Your Classmates:

You should have in your phone at least one person from every class you attend. Having instant access to a classmate is a life savor when you’re sick, when you lose your syllabus and don’t remember what’s due tomorrow, or when you accidentally overslept, and you have an exam in literally three minutes.

Look for Apps:

Countless apps are being created everyday. Look for ones that might assist you in learning. There are apps that let you create flashcards, apps that recite audiobooks, and even apps that help students study specific subjects such as anatomy and physiology. You may also enjoy dictionary and thesaurus applications that allow you to quickly access information without having to travel through a web search.

(It is important to note that while smart phones have the potential to greatly assist us in our education, they should not be used to copy or cheat in school, as those actions are likely to result in expulsion from college.)

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