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Today’s question:

1 in 4 college students drink to get drunk at least once a week. Is this just today’s college culture, or should we be concerned about the academic, social, or health impact?

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  1. Alexandra says:

    When is the best time to purchase coursebooks?

  2. Lisa says:

    Definately not anything new! There is always going to be a certain group of people, whether college students or not, that indulge often. Many will outgrow it as they become more responsible adults.

  3. Michael Lewis says:

    yes we should be concerned about it i think it will impact all of the 3 areas you have listed it will deeply affect the health impact though.

  4. Shruti says:

    Yes, we should be concerned. Drinking is a needless act, known to have so many negative effects in all areas – while the only real “benefit” derived from it is the perceived (and very temporary) “pleasure” derived from it. Better education on drinking is required, but that only solves part of the problem. Many students even knowingly drink underage and/or drink more than they should.

    The real problem is low self-control; in the pursuit for the so-called “pleasure” of drinking, students have given up their self-control and their better judgment through which they should know they should not drink. Peer pressure adds to the difficulty of maintaining self-control. Means of encouraging them and increasing their self-control are the only real long-term solution. Sonic Therapeutic Intervention has proven quite helpful in this regard.

  5. Tyler Bradley says:

    College is a place of learning about the field of work and who you are as a person. It’s part of the stereotypical college experience. While I choose not to go down that road, the ones that do are aware of the consequences it may lead to. They know the risk that they’re taking, and the best we can do is make sure the police are enforcing the law properly. Alcohol probably isn’t probably the biggest thing that affects college students’ academics and health. Procrastination is probably the biggest cause of defeat in academics while making healthy eating habits a routine is the challenge for college students health.

  6. Amanda Krebs says:

    YEs many people drink to get drunk more then once a week and a teenage girl passed away this year from drinkning to get drunk with friends she wasnt even a high school senior but when her friends brought her home they laid her outside her front dorr in the snow where her mom did not find her till the next day dead bacuase of it

  7. Aaron Ketting-Olivier says:

    This is mainly college culture since it’s at least once a week; however, if college students were to drink just to get drunk everyday then we’ll have a problem. The problem would be academic as well as health because the student will start to become unfocused and their probably is a psychological problem that is leading the student to drink so much in the first place. So as long as the student is drinking to get drunk once maybe twice a week, depending on parties, this would be considered college culture.

  8. Rebecca says:

    College gives the opportunity to all students to learn in and out of the classrooms. Alcohol, parties, etc are a part of college life. Students see college as their chance to get out and let go. It’s been that way for decades now and I’m sure it will be the same for decades to come. Students have to learn from their mistakes, and college is where they are going to make them. I definitely don’t think there is much of a negative social impact with alcohol, especially with the Greek scene. Most students drink and party. As far as an educational impact? Students make the choice. Their education is what they make of it, and if they are partying and drinking all night long every night then they will flunk out of school. I’ve seen it countless times. It’s sad, but it’s the choice those students made. Health is a huge issue for most all college students. Whether it’s the alcohol, the cafeteria food (or lack there of), or the problem with not eating at all, students have the power to change it. Experts, statistics, parents, etc are there to guide students to the right decision. In the end, it really is just the culture of college and what most students make of it.

  9. Cricket Garancosky says:

    There will always be drunks out there in the world….there will always be parties….but I believe that the college kids who come to college only for the parties and booze are wasting everyone’s time and money. Especially if mommy and daddy are paying for it. Sure, it’s great to have a drink once in a while, but when grades start slipping kids need to wake up and change their choices. Too many people, (especially in America) look at drinking the wrong way….it happens to be that the time in your life that you drink the most (and soon can legally drink) is when you’re in college away from all responsibility except yourself. The culture we grow up in tells us it is okay to get hammered and do stupid stuff at the same time. If the culture was different, it would be like in plenty of other places…they get drunk (and hammered) but not every day or three like college kids here do. Also a lot of people use being drunk as an excuse to do things they wouldn’t do sober, like random sex, dancing on tables, or just being stupid in general. It is sad to see, but it has gone on for a long time, and will continue to go on….and unless kids have morals and values and stick to them, a lot of bad stuff will happen to them.

  10. Maggie says:

    @steph_livelaugh’s comment: Drinking is not idiotic. Drinking irresponsibly is idiot. In fact a glass of red wine a night is actually good for you. As far as the drinking to get drunk, as long as you’re responsible about it there is nothing wrong with it. Besides everyone needs to let go at least once in there life otherwise they’ll just be some wound up bundle of stress. I’m not saying go out and get piss drunk, just let loose and have some fun.

  11. Tammy says:

    I think it began as college culture…away from home, no-one can tell you what to do. It has gotten out of control, however, in the sense that each new group has to out-do the previous group. Not to mention, college in general requires less effort than ever before. We live in a “nobody fails” society, therefore, professors are pressured to allow students to pass without having earned a passing grade. I am amazed at the amount of multiple choice and true/false tests. When less studying and course work is required, more play-time is available. Unfortunately, play-time is often drinking-time in the college environment. Tighten up requirements, make people work harder, and watch the amount of drinking among students decrease.

  12. Dawn Rogers says:

    I feel that some students and colleges are getting a bad wrap due to the number of other studens in the college that are drinking. Colleges are a learning institution just like the high schools were these students graduated from. The only difference is that they are no longer under the influence of their parents or being reminded that they need to concentrate on their studies. These are young adults who are trying to not only fit it but learning to make the best choices.

  13. Nicolette says:

    Having a drink is not inherently “wrong” or “bad”. Abusing the privilege, like any other privilege in life, can lead to consequences. Universities and community colleges alike have substance abuse counselors and other people equipped with the skills to help young people who find themselves off the straight path. If they do not choose to take advantage of it despite those people being available and even speaking at presentation, that is their choice.

    Frankly, imposing more laws just forces the entire thing underground – we have to learn from history. Too many rules provokes rebellion. It is not simply a byproduct of “college culture” – too many adults and professional, hip, twenty-somethings are out there partying as well.

    Everyone has a vice of some sort – college is stressful. It is not “take four classes and that’s it”. Internships to get you noticed, pulling a high GPA so it is worth putting on any resume, clubs and officer positions, and WORKING, especially. I am not justifying the self-medication, but I can see why people do it to escape the pressure and I have been in that position myself. It is a matter of not letting it control your life in a destructive manner.

    Unfortunately, parents are not as frank about drinking, violence, sexuality, and other “taboo” topics as they should be, and I cannot help believing that this is part of the issue. Again, it is not about letting discipline fall by the wayside, it is a matter of being honest and frank about uncomfortable subjects, because when you do not talk to your son or daughter, he or she runs off and finds information from similarly uninformed peers. Too many parents pretend this does not exist, and adolescents are excited to be away from discipline and consequently, crash and burn because they are not armed with the proper knowledge.

    And finally, people learn best through hands-on experience. No matter how many times adolescents are frightened, we will pursue it anyway if only out of stubbornness. When we have that horrid hangover the next morning with a ten-page paper due, our printer is broken and we can’t see straight, that is our moment of truth. We sink or we swim, and everybody has to do it – don’t coddle people unless they have a REAL problem. Hand-wringing and trying to ban alcohol in an attempt to curb behavior is putting off the stages of development that much longer and doing young people a disservice. It is not so much a rite of passage as it is a stage in which people have to learn self-control.

  14. Emily Burris says:

    Most think it’s part of college. some choose college based off of how much partying is involved instead of.academic structure like it should be!!!

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