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wamcIllustrationIconIn Friday College Town Hall, we post a question about college, and you leave an answer in the comment field.

Today’s question:

More than 75% of undergraduate students work while they are enrolled in school.

Should this percentage be more or less? Why?

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@iamjosephgerman @cappex I think it adds to the experience. I’m excited to get a job while going to school; it just seems better: get best of both worlds.

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  1. Cricket Garancosky says:

    In a dream world it should be at 0%…but unfortunately this is the real world. Since most people’s parents don’t just hand over a full ride to their kids they have to work…and then you add the non-traditional students in, who usually cannot just drop their jobs for 4-5 years to go to college. It seems like a real percentage considering how real life works. I know I have had to work since I was able so I could just get to college, not including actually attending. I believe it has helped me learn to balance my life out better, but I do envy those who don’t have to work sometimes….

  2. Tyler Bradley says:

    I’ll be working two jobs like I did last year. I think it’s a fair percentage, but I’d hope it’d be more. A job is still a learning experience, even if it’s unrelated to your field of work. Post-college employers probably won’t like it if you’ve had zero job experience anywhere.

    Having a job is also a good way to pay off some of your loans, if you have them, and build credit. After college, I foresee myself needed to make some large purchases (car, house, etc.) and I’m going to need good credit for a large majority of these things.

    The only reason I would suggest not having some form of job while in school, is for those who struggle with keeping their grades up, and need that extra time they would spend at work to spend studying instead.

    I admit my grades could probably be upped to All A’s if I didn’t have a job, but I still feel like I made the right decision on working in college.

  3. Taylor says:

    This percentage should be less in my opinion, but unfortunately it is nearly impossible to survive without a job. Personally, I believe that students should have the opportunity to focus only on their schoolwork, and not on making enough money to both buy books and eat.

  4. Cydney Price says:

    The number should be lower because when you work while you are attending school, it takes he focus away from your education. But at the same time many people are unable to not work because they need the money. If there were more funds awarded to individuals then this wouldn’t be as important of an issue as it is. Students need more funding, especially those that come from poor families.

  5. Hyuntak Do says:

    I believe that the number of undergraduate students working while enrolled to school should be higher.

    Yes, it might be a distraction or an obstacle for them to study but think about what you really get out it once more.

    I think that job isn’t all about earning money but building experiences, relationships and learning new skills comes along. Once you get a job, you would probably interact with lots of people (customers). This would definitely help their social skills and eventually will also help for their future jobs. Also, you will start managing money. How should you spend it, how much should I save it, and such. This is one important skill that all are needed.

    So for those reasons the number of undergraduate students should be higher for themselves.

  6. Kathy Engelstad says:

    I believe 75% is a fair amount. It depends on the individual and their ability to juggle school, work and life in general. An occupation in the field of study will enhance education. The number of hours worked is also a factor.

  7. Cheryl Johnson says:

    No one should ever have to work while in college…that being said, most of use DO have to work, many of us full time. It’s tough to do and maintain your GPA. There should be some kind of allowance for that, but not sure what it would be.

  8. Lyndi says:

    I think it should be higher. I think that working through college teaches many great lessons. When you have to work for what you want, it makes it that much sweeter when you get it. I personally, love to not have to rely on my parents for… money. I work 2 jobs, one to pay for school, the other to put towards savings for what I want to do after school. I think it’s important to be independant, build up your resume, learn how to budget and manage your time. Not only does it make you a stronger person, it makes you more hireable.

  9. Gabby says:

    In a perfect world I think no one should work while in college because education comes first, but with the poor economy right now, if you didn’t work, you would probably suffer in some economic way.

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