Friday College Town Hall

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In Friday College Town Hall, we post a question about college, and you leave an answer in the comment field.

Today’s question is inspired from the New York Times, which cited a survey from Donald L. McCabe, co-founder of the Center for Academic Integrity, that found that…

 40% of undergraduates admitted to copying a few sentences from digital sources in written assignments.

Plus, the number of students who believe copying from the Internet constitutes “serious cheating” has declined from 34% to 29%.

How has the digital age affected how students perceive ownership over work? Do you properly cite the work you reference online as you do a book you found in the stacks?

How consciously are students partaking in digital plagiarism?

Have a thought or an answer? Leave a reply below.

We’ve also asked our @Cappex Twitter followers to chime in! Here’s what people are saying on Twitter:

Original Post Date: February 3rd, 2012

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