Fresh Start: 4 Quick Ways to Spruce up your Dorm Room

cleaningSpring cleaning doesn’t have to be the nightmare you’ve dreaded. It doesn’t take a lot of effort or expense to freshen up your dorm room. With the end of the school year inching closer, it will also be worth organizing everything so you’ll have less to do come move-out day. Here are a few easy ways you can get your spring cleaning underway.


Get the chaos of the first half of the semester under control by first organizing your desk. Filter though papers and assignments that might have piled up and determine what you need to keep. Make sure everything has a place by utilizing storage bins. If you share a dorm, divvy up responsibilities between you and your roommate. Empty the trash, dust, vacuum, sweep, and sanitize.


Switch it up! Wait until the next school year to buy any new décor you might need; at no cost you can give your room a completely new look by rearranging the furniture. Coordinate with your roommate to change the location of your bed, desk, and wall décor.

Make the bed

Simply making your bed will give your room a cleaner appearance since it is the focal point of a small living space. Bedding can make a huge difference in the look and mood of your room. If you had a dark bed spread during fall and winter, spring is the time to liven it up with lighter colors. If possible, make use of any reversible décor.

Closet TLC

Now is the time to get that overflowing laundry basket in check, and get everything up and hanging in the closet or folded in drawers. Save space with closet organizers and identify clothes and shoes that you no longer wear and donate them to charity.

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