Evaluating Your College Experience

If you are a college sophomore or junior, spring is the time to sit back and evaluate your collegiate experience so far. Check in with yourself, and see how you’re feeling about everything!

Sophomores: Are you happy where you are? You’re two years in and presumably have two years to go. If you enjoy school, embrace it! If you aren’t content living and studying where you are, now is a good chance to think more seriously about the possibility of transferring. Here is a helpful guide to thinking through a transfer.

If transferring feels too extreme, consider studying abroad! Getting away for a semester might be just the thing you need to reinvigorate your drive to learn. Now is the time to look into program options—and deadlines!

Have you chosen a major? If you feel lost and haven’t declared, talk to your academic advisor. It’s their job to make sure you know where you’re headed, but they won’t know you’re lost until you tell them.

Juniors: Are you all lined up for your senior year? Check in with your academic advisor to make sure you’ve completed all of your prerequisites and that there are no hidden classes you’re missing. Graduation will be upon you before you know it, so make sure you can actually graduate!

Many of you might be looking at your major’s requirements and thinking, “How am I supposed to complete all of this next year?” It’s totally acceptable and common for a student to take five years to graduate. Ask yourself if you want to stay in school another year and if you can afford it. If you know you’ll need a fifth year and some financial help, be sure to check out the many scholarships listed on Cappex.com.

Interested in applying to graduate school? It’s never too early to start researching options!

At the end of the day, make sure you focus on the good. College is most definitely a stressful and challenging time in your life, but it should also be filled with fun and happy memories. If you feel like there is something missing from your collegiate experience that you looked forward to during the application process, you still have plenty of time to seek it out.

Don’t be afraid to try something new and outrageous, like auditioning for a play or joining a club that interests you. Explore your campus and discover new ways to learn while you have the many resources your school offers.

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