Dorm Room Décor: Make the Space Your Own (on the cheap!)

Dorm Room Decorations

We know you’re on a budget. What between the snacks in between mealtimes, those expensive textbooks, and fun nights out with friends, there isn’t a lot left over. It is important, however, to have a space that you enjoy coming back to after a long week of class or a crazy weekend out with friends. We’ve rounded up a couple of cheap ideas to make your pad a little more rad (sorry, I had to!).

First things first, choose a color scheme that both you and your roommate can agree upon. This will help your room look a little more coordinated without a lot of work. Make sure you have curtains that hide your room from prying eyes and a comforter you really like. If your room is a little dark and dreary, think about purchasing some cheap white Christmas lights to drape across your room.

Dorm rooms don’t often times have a lot of storage space, so make sure you loft those beds and perhaps invest in an ottoman or at least a lightweight set of storage drawers. These will help you keep those pesky papers, clothes, and whatever random beads you collect from football games off the floor. No bunk beds? Stores like Walmart and Target have bed risers that give you a little bit more room to hide your shoes under the bed. If you can afford the space, a small bookshelf is also a good way to display knick-knacks and keep those books in line.

You’ll probably have a LOT of wall space. Boring! Add some life to the room by finding some cheap posters or quirky prints. and have a ton of different, reasonably priced options. If you’re feeling creative, head to your local thrift or dollar store and pick up an old cookie sheet. Then grab some spray paint and make yourself a colorful magnet board! You can even make some fun magnets by hot gluing flowers, buttons, or bottle caps onto magnetic rounds that you can pick up at the craft store. Not your style? There are plenty of fun, decorative crafts to be found on Pinterest.

So friends, how do you make YOUR dorm room feel like home? Leave some comments and let us know!


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