Does Updating Your Facebook Status Make You a Happier College Student?

update statusThat’s a ridiculous question…but does it?

Considering how often college students–or college-bound students, or middle schoolers or even toddlers–are on Facebook or other social networks, most people would assume time spent surfing the waves of the World Wide Web would have a negative effect on a person.  That’s not necessarily the case.

According to eCampus News, a recent study at Cornell University demonstrated that of three groups of students–one group with a blank computer screen, one group with a mirror in the place of a computer screen, and one with access to Facebook, the college students who were able to log in to Facebook and update their status provided significantly more positive feedback about themselves later on during the study.

Researchers believe these findings to come from the possibility that the students who were able to log in to Facebook were able to put their best face forward.  After all, we have control over whatever status we type in.  On the contrary, the students who had to look into the mirror were forced to look at their actual selves, no masks.

The ability to edit your profile to make it say exactly what you want and a choose a profile picture to reflect exactly how you wish to express yourself makes people feel better about themselves because they get to show the people on their social network the image they purposefully construct.

Does updating your status make you happier?  What would you think makes college students happier?

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