Dinner Conversation Starters for College Students Home for Summer

There are some college students who love coming home for the summer and being with family! Their parents are happy to have them and treat them with respect. Dad’s slipping twenties into your wallet because he knows you’re low on funds, and Mom’s taking you shopping for new clothes. You’re coming home at four or five in the morning, and since you’re an adult, they’ve got nothing to say about it! But many college students find summer home from school is torture. What is this about a curfew? My name is on the chore chart? I have to babysit on Friday night? Come on!

For those of you who are dealing with a situation much like the latter, we get it. You’re not the same person you were when you left for college, so connecting to your family may not be easy, and getting your parents to see you as an adult can be even harder. Check out these conversation starters that will help turn your silent meals into lively fun!

Topics for the Whole Family

Discuss the most interesting class you took last semester. What was something you learned that surprised you? How is that information useful? Why does it matter? What does it mean to you? Ask your family what they think.

Talk about one of the funniest things that happened to you or one of your friends this semester. Your family wants you to be happy in college. Sharing an amusing antic will not only get a laugh, it will show them you’re enjoying your time in college.

Talk about one of your greatest achievements in college so far. What sort of crazy studying technique allowed you to score high on a difficult exam? What honor society were you inducted into? How well are you doing on a sports team? What creative projects have you had to do? Show them your short film, your sketches, and your budget plans for a hypothetical restaurant. They’ll want to see what you’re paying for, or what they’re paying for!

If it’s safe to discuss politics, ask them who they think will win the presidential election in November and why. Do they like the candidates? If not, who would make a better candidate? What accomplishments would you like to see in the next presidential term? What would an ideal president be like?

For the Younger Siblings

Ask what they’re doing in school. What’s their favorite subject? Are your old teachers still there? What is everybody there into? What are some of the crazy stories circulating the hallways? Do they have plans for their future? Have they started thinking about college or what they’d like to do when they grow up?

For the Older Siblings

Tap them for information! They know more than anyone what you can expect in the years to come. What did they do their last semester of college? Is it really that hard to find a job? What’s it like to be out of school? What do they miss about college? Do they have any general advice for you as you complete your college education?


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