Conquering Freshman Fears: Making Friends

Making Friends


Attention incoming freshman: are you scared to start school? Dreading meeting your roommate? Don’t know if you’ll be able to keep up? Take a deep breath—you’re going to be fine. What you’re feeling is completely normal, and you’re among other students who are experiencing the exact same thing. Before you freak out and question yourself, take a look at these tips for conquering freshman fears.

Fear #1: I won’t be able to make friends.

The best thing about going to college is that everyone is new, and the living and learning environments are both designed to foster social interactions between students. The majority of freshman students will know virtually no one on the day they move to school, and find that meeting people is actually pretty easy if you put yourself out there. If you’re worried about making friends, try propping your door open during the day while you and your roommate are moving in. This will let people walking by know it’s ok to come introduce themselves and help create a friendly environment on your hall.

Fear #2: I won’t like my roommate.

Getting along with a new roommate is a genuine concern for many students who may have heard horror stories from older friends about bad roommate experiences. It may be your first time sharing a room with another person, which can be difficult for even the most open-minded of people. You and your roommate may not be best friends, but odds are highly in your favor that you will be able to comfortably share a room together. Serious problems are pretty rare, and if you do experience one, your university may be able to reassign you to a different room. Keep an open mind when you meet your roommate, and you may be surprised with the outcome. Remember, it’s a two-way street–he or she is preparing to live with you, too, and may have some building nerves, so make it easy on both of you by remembering to be open and considerate in the beginning. You don’t have to be the best friends on earth, and in fact, a simple and civil living situation is perfectly adequate for the purposes of starting your college life. With a little time, however, those initial feelings of angst will soon be a distant memory.

Fear #3: I’ll miss my friends from home too much.

When you leave for college, you may think that you won’t be able to live without your friends form home. You will miss them a lot, but like you, they are away at school experiencing new things and meeting new people. If YOU don’t let missing your friends hinder you from meeting new people, then it won’t happen. Rather than sitting in your room on Skype during Welcome Week, get out with your roommate and start making new friends. By the end of freshman year, you’ll think that you won’t be able to live without your new friends either.

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