#CongratsGrads: Dedicated to Graduating High School Seniors

You did it! The countdown to the end of the school year is finally approaching the number “zero” (for some of you, it’s already there!). It’s bittersweet, but you can now reminisce and be proud of everything you’ve accomplished. As you transition to incoming college freshman status, now is the time to start preparing  for college life and anticipate all of the discoveries, opportunities, and experiences that the next four years will bring. Via Facebook and Twitter last week, we posed two big questions: What are you going to miss the most about high school? What are you looking forward to the most about college? Check out what several students had to share below:


I’m going to miss my easy-going classes and most of my classmates! I’m looking forward to the dinner hall, meeting new people, and exploring a whole new state while I move off to college! In other ways it’s pretty much an adventure! — Cindy O.

I’m going to miss my friends who have become like family to me, but as their doors close, I hope to expand my family in college while never forgetting the ones that got away. — Quiah V.

I’m going to miss the high school atmosphere being with my friends. But I think mostly the teachers because they support you so much and want you to succeed – they want to help you grow and push you to go to college. What I’m looking forward to about college is being away from home and meeting new people, because college is all about having new experiences and by throwing myself into a new place with all new people, I have a chance to grow, be myself, make new friends, and have new experiences. — Adrian H.

Surround yourself with people that share similar interests. Be in control of yourself, because in college it’s all about you! There will be guidance, but you will have to go on your own. They will help prepare you for everything! Have essays to write? There are computer labs, peer mentors, student advisors, etc. Trust me, the universities have every resource you need, so do not be afraid to ask! Feeling stressed? Re-evaluate your goals and mission, because that will remind you why you are there and why you want to make a change in your life. Don’t let one wrong turn bring you down! We are humans, we all make mistakes – just stand up proud and wave your hands up in the air like you just don’t care. Oh and college professors will be direct with you! Remember you’re an adult now, so they will treat you like an adult. Have fun 🙂 — Dalia G.

At Cappex, your college decision headquarters, we understand the questions, excitement, and apprehension you might have about the years ahead, because each of us has been through the experience. After looking back on our college years, a few Cappexians have bestowed the following words of wisdom:

“Make sure to take advantage of your school’s cultural activities. If you have a slow evening, don’t watch TV. Instead, go to a lecture or free concert, there’s one almost every night.” — Mike F.

“You’re going to change your major ten times. That’s okay.” — Elijah C.

“Be responsible with finances. Don’t take out a credit card.” — Ben A.

“It’s okay to be undecided to figure out what you want to study later. Take classes that interest you. If you find a class that you love, you may want to stick with it.”  -Marissa G.

From all of us here at Cappex, Congrats #Classof2014!

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