Best and Worst College Jobs

When it comes to part-time college jobs, many students will take whatever they can get. Paying for tuition plus room and board is tough, with classes already being stressful enough. It’s also nice to have some extra spending money for weekend hangouts, new clothes, and late night pizza when your Ramen begins running low. There are plenty of jobs that are not suitable for the college lifestyle, simply because they do not allow students the opportunity to study. Fortunately, there are a few jobs students can aim to find a better working experience.


Working as an RA, also known as resident advisor, can be a pretty sweet job. RAs receive waivers for tuition and some get free university housing. The downside to working as an RA is that you’ll spend most of your free time handling problems and working with freshmen.

One of the most notable college jobs by far is tutoring. The best perks of working as a tutor are being able to charge an hourly rate and work on a subject you are familiar with. You may also find it rewarding to help your fellow students.

If you are technologically inclined you can get paid to help those who aren’t by joining campus tech support. Not only can students easily schedule classes around this job, but the work is usually manageable if you know your way around a computer. Students who work in IT are generally happy with their experiences.

Food service jobs, especially those that require you to deliver, are typically ranked as the worst. In addition, you will spend most of your time working at night and the tips are not as good as working as a server. Working as a dining hall employee can also be a drag, especially if you are working as a server. On the plus side, some schools offer free meals to the staff. If possible, try to get a food service job on-campus, since they’ll probably be more accommodating of your class schedule.

Working as a janitor on campus appeals to students who want to make money for just a few hours of work each day, but it is not a very rewarding job for most students. The job description calls for taking out trash, sorting through trash for recycling and cleaning up student-made messes. In addition to messy work, the pay is low. You will probably need a second part-time job if you want to make more money.

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