9 Things Every Guy Needs in His Dorm Room

Guys. I know for many of us, going shopping is pain in the #($*$(#*# @(@*#(* ; even for something as exciting as college.

So here’s a simple list of some things you should think about getting for your dorm room that will make those shopping trips easier:

A mini-fridge: You will get sick of the dorm food. I repeat: You will get sick of the dorm food. Also, you will not want to waste a meal credit on breakfast that often. So a mini-fridge is a good place to keep breakfast and snack supplies as well as cold drinks for those late night study sessions.

Risers for your bed: If you don’t end up lofting your beds, get risers for your bed. Those few inches will make a big difference for what you can store in your room. You’re going to want as much space as possible.

Extra sheets and towels: Don’t be gross. Change your sheets. Also your friend from high school visiting does not want to have to use your damp towel you just dried off with to shower. Your friends will not remember to bring a towel when they come to visit.

Air mattress: If you don’t have a futon in your room, keep an air mattress handy in case you have a friend from out of town come to visit. A sleeping bag is nice also. Don’t be a bad host. Also your buddy from down the hall will thank you whenever his roommate’s out of town girlfriend comes to visit.

Laptop lock: Some schools have issues with theft in the dorms. For peace of mind, lock up your laptop to your desk. This way you don’t have to lock your door every time you go to the bathroom.

Microwave: Now’s the time to eat all the snack food that your mom wouldn’t let you buy growing up. Many of these hedonistic foods require preparation in the microwave. You’ll thank me at 2am.

Hamper for your clothes: When you’re working off those late night snacks you’ll want to have somewhere to throw your dirty gym clothes afterwards.

Power strips: There are never enough outlets in the dorm room.

Flash drive: Much more convenient than uploading to a server or emailing your self a document every time you want to print something at the computer lab, you’ll be grateful you have a flash drive when the printer you got for free with your laptop breaks after 2 months of use.

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