6 Reasons You May Want to Give Summer Sem a Go!

Back in high school, the prospect of summer school was reserved for those who didn’t do well on exams, skipped too many classes, or failed. It was a threat students heard from teachers all year, followed by a remark on the hot summer temperatures in a tiny, unventilated classroom. It’s no wonder college students may feel apprehensive about taking classes during the summer semester.

The following is a list of situations in which you may want to give the summer semester a go!

For Classes You Won’t Like

At some point in your college career, there will be a class you really, really don’t want to take, but have to. Often times, these are within your first couple years of college. It may be a core curriculum class you suspect you won’t do well in, or a class required for your major you just suspect you won’t care for. Instead of dealing with that class two-three times a week for months, you may want to get it over with by attending class every day for several weeks over the summer and being done with it.

For A Prerequisite

If you’re a transfer student, switched majors, or had to re-take a class, you may find yourself misaligned with the schedule in which courses are offered. For example, you wouldn’t want to stick around an extra year at college because you’re waiting for one class only offered in Spring. By taking a class over the summer you’ll need before you can take anything else, you’re getting yourself back on track to a timely graduation.

For When You’re Just Over It

While many college students wish they could stay in college forever, there are some students who cannot wait for the day they are done with school completely. If you’re over the college scene and just want out into the real world, taking classes over the summer may move up your graduation date.

For When You’re A Double Major/Minor

If you plan to have multiple majors and minors, you may wish to take classes over the summer as a way of lowering the average amount of credits you take every semester. By spreading the courses out further than the traditional two semesters, you’ll have more room in your schedule to pursue other interests, and have fun!

For When You Feel Like Sticking Around

As your college becomes your home, there’s a chance you’ll be less interested in returning to where you came from for summer. Often times living back in your parents’ house for a few months causes friction, and the friends you had there aren’t as close to you as the new friends you’ve made. Many juniors and seniors choose to remain on campus over summer. If you’re looking for an excuse to stick around, or if you’ll want something to do with your time, you may as well take advantage of summer classes.

For the Class You Want to Take for Fun

Most college students have interests in areas other than their major, but are unable to find the time to take coursework in those other areas. Summer is the perfect time to give that scuba class a whirl!

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