6 MORE Amazing Cities for Study Abroad

There is a plethora of study abroad programs from which college students can choose these days. If you are hung up on location, location, location and need some direction, think about these cities and your interests as you plot your semester abroad!

[Note: This is the second part of a two-part feature. Yesterday, we highlighted 6 amazing cities for study abroad.]

Beijing, China

It is no secret that China is a huge rising economic world power. Aside from being a vast, beautiful country that is completely different culturally from the US, China offers business students an awesome opportunity to get a glimpse into the world of global economics and make some helpful contacts for the future.

Tokyo, Japan

Like Beijing, Tokyo is sure to be a city unlike any other in the US. So, if you’re after a brand new view of the world, one of these locations is a terrific option. Japan is a great place for students studying English or planning to teach. Sound crazy? It’s not! There are tons of opportunities for English-speaking students to teach English while studying abroad. Temple University has a notable study abroad program in Japan that offers tons of different courses.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

This is a great option for students who are focusing on Spanish or Latin American studies and literature. Not only do you get to utilize your language skills, but Buenos Aires is much less congested with tourists than Spain. This city is also known for its pulsing night life.

Prague, Czech Republic

For the music or arts student looking for a getaway rich with history, Prague is your place! There are tons of museums and concerts combined with gorgeous architecture that has survived over the years. Prague is also a major economic hub of Eastern Europe for all of the finance majors out there.

Copenhagen, Denmark

For students studying environmental sciences, Copenhagen may be of interest: it is noted as one of the most environmentally friendly cities. If you are interested in marketing, this may also be the place for you because many Danish media and broadcasting corporations are located in and operate from Copenhagen.

Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Montreal is a wonderful place for students who aren’t keen on traveling across an ocean or want to practice their French language skills somewhere other than touristy old Paris. Its a great international hub for business and culture. Montreal is your city if you’re looking for a European feel closer to home.

Use these cities as jumping off points for your study abroad journey. If you just don’t know how to choose where to study abroad, talk to your academic advisor or other students who have tried it! They will certainly have more advice.


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