6 Amazing Cities for Study Abroad

Knowing you want to study abroad while you are in college is great! Not knowing where to study is frustrating. Think about your major or specific interests when deciding where to travel. Then, take a look at this list and see what destination might suit you best!

London, England

The UK is a great place for students who do not have strong foreign language skills or prefer to study in an English speaking country. The land of Shakespeare is of course a wonderful place for theatre majors to hone their craft. Students of literature or creative writing might find London to be a good fit, since side trips to the rolling hills of Ireland could certainly offer inspiration.

Florence, Italy

The entire country of Italy is like an art history major’s dream come true – stunning artwork, architecture, and history available around every corner make Florence a hot spot for college students studying abroad. Rome and Milan are also popular locations. Engineering students may find the ancient Roman design intriguing, too! Basically, this country has a little something for everyone.

Barcelona, Spain

A city as beautiful as Barcelona is sure to attract students of the arts. Specifically, anyone focusing on architecture may be interested in spending time in the Park Guell where some of the most famous architectural creations from Antoni Gaudi sit.

Paris, France

Though Paris can be quite touristy, it is certainly one of the finest destinations for students looking to expand their knowledge of art history or fashion design. In addition, college students studying at a culinary school or with strong interests in the culinary arts should consider Paris, as it is considered to have some of the finest cuisine in the world.

Sydney, Australia

Another great location for students who don’t want to speak a foreign language during their studies abroad. Since Australia is home to some of the most unique species on the planet and near the Great Barrier Reef, anyone studying biology or marine biology should take advantage of the perks this continent offers.

Berlin, Germany

All European countries are rich with history, but what makes Germany stand out is the feeling that the history is more recent and relevant to our world today. Berlin is a terrific city choice for history or political science majors looking to dig into 20th century world history first hand.

When struggling with how to choose where to study abroad, remember that you really can’t go wrong. Traveling is an excellent way to open doors and learn something fresh about yourself and your studies!


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