5 Things You Have To Do While You’re In College

Jordhan Briggs is a new addition here at Cappex. As a recent college grad, she has some great advice to share:

So it’s officially been three months since I graduated from college and let me tell you, STAY THERE AS LONG AS HUMANLY POSSIBLE! Anyway, all of this time spent faking being an adult has allowed me some time to reflect on the glory years. Here is a list of five things you absolutely have to do while you’re in college, because, trust me, time flies.

1. Crash Every Party


Yes, college is for learning. But while you’re gaining all that knowledge you should probably go ahead and make some memories. When I first went away to college, I only knew my roommate. The first weekend of college, we went to our school’s annual kick-off BBQ and made a pact: find at least five parties to go to that night. The first party we went to, we ended up meeting the group of friends that we went out with for the remainder of our time as undergraduates. Yes, meeting new people is intimidating and often times exhausting, but its college – GO FOR IT!

2. Live in the Dorms


Co-ed bathrooms. Shower shoes. Music blaring 24/7. Community fridge – the place where your milk keeps magically evaporating. These all may seem vastly unappealing, and that’s because they are. But when else in your adult life will you have the opportunity to live among dozens of strangers? Unless you’re on a reality show, of course.

Both times I went away to college, I lived in the dorms. While residing there, I was exposed to multiple cultures, ideologies, personalities, foods, music, you name it. Sure, it was small, noisy, and kind of smelled, but I also met some of my best friends there. Oh, and once a month they will likely give away free food – score!

3. Study Abroad


During my junior year, I transferred from a university in California to one in the Midwest. I made a lot of excuses as to why it didn’t make sense for me to study somewhere else in the world – “I just got here,” “It’s too expensive,” “I’ll miss my mom,” “I’ll just go after I graduate.”

Allow me to let you in on a few secrets: 1. Time runs out so quickly while you’re in college no matter where you are, it actually costs around the same as your current tuition to study abroad (because your college is awesome); 2. your parents will most likely send you your favorite American treats while you’re gone, and they’ll pick you up from the airport when you get back; and 3. you WON’T go after you graduate because you’ll probably be broke and too busy looking for a job. So, bon voyage, amigo!

4. Play An Intramural Sport


College can be stressful, and depending on your major, it can be super stressful. So one night a week, carve some time out to release some endorphins. Dodgeball, kickball, ping pong, volleyball, and flag football are just some of the co-ed sports your college’s fitness center likely offers to its students. Make some new friends, burn some calories, and then, after the celebratory hot wings, get back to that essay .



Obviously, right?  It wasn’t until the end of my junior year that I fully realized that all of those classes I was skipping, the notes I wasn’t taking, and the overpriced textbooks I used as door stops were actually costing me and my family MONEY.

College is an experience, but it’s also an investment. One that requires investment. Read the required pages, take some notes, and pride yourself on being the annoying kid who knows all the answers. If anything, the stuff you learn will help inevitably aid you during trivia night with friends somewhere down the line.

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