5 Sports for Non-Athletes

Is running a struggle? Gave the ball to the other team so much that they considered giving you one of their jerseys? It’s okay. We feel you. We know it’s hard to be active when you feel that you can’t perform well on a team. Luckily for you though, there are plenty of ways to get moving without having to be an athletic superstar.

macho-student-karateMartial Arts

Always dreamed of being a ninja? There are plenty of forms of martial arts, including tae kwon do, karate, and jujitsu. Not only do martial arts build up your ninja skills, they get your heart pumping and improve your coordination. They are also great mind-balancers and can greatly improve your outlook on life!


Grab a buddy or spend some quality time by yourself in nature. Almost every town or city has a walking or hiking trail of some sort, and it gives you a chance to exercise your adventurous side. Hiking is great for learning about the environment around you, personal safety, and your own independence.

Canoeing and Kayaking

If you love the outdoors, it’s almost guaranteed that canoeing and kayaking will bring joy to your life, as well as a great upper body workout. Not sure how to get started? Look for lessons in your area that cover basic strokes and water safety.


Don’t like to sweat? No prob. Dive into your local pool! Swimming is a great, full-body workout that builds muscle and cardiovascular strength. Don’t know how to swim? See if your community pool offers swimming lessons. Whether you are swimming laps or splashing around with friends, swimming is a fun way to sneak in some exercise.


Head to your local alley and knock down some pins! Did you know that bowling has the potential to burn 105-285 calories, depending on your weight? Bowling balls are heavy, often weighing 10 pounds or more, so carrying one up to the lane, lunging to throw, and slinging it down the lane all help to build strength. It can also improve flexibility and requires only a small amount of energy, making it a great way to spend time with some friends after a long day at school.

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