5 Road Trip Ideas for College Seniors

5 Road Trip Ideas for College Seniors

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SENIORS SENIORS SENIORS! Can you believe you are already a senior in college? Probably not. Time has flown and you are entering the final stage of your higher education. This year will be full of fun, hard work, and a combination of the two. A smart and fulfilling way to spend your breaks and long weekends is with a good old fashioned college road trip. Here are some ideas to make the most of your journey on the road!

1. Historical sites. Most states have listings of historical sites or parks online. These are absolutely worth visiting if you haven’t already. By designing a mini-tour of your school state, or a surrounding state, you’ll be able to see tons of awesome sites in one trip. You can probably also use your student ID for discounted admission, if any is charged.

2. Camping. Camp grounds are fun, rustic destinations for college kids on a budget. Reservations for a camp ground usually hover around $25 – check with yours before you head out. National parks are also worth looking into – the United States has 58 official protected park areas located everywhere from Florida to Montana.

3. Document it. This might sound obvious since smart phones let us take pictures of everything, anywhere, any time. However, try documenting a road trip in a more “ancient” way – by unplugging and journaling your way across the country. Road trips are notorious for weird roadside attractions, bad fast food, and claustrophobia-induced giggling. Being in a car for hours on end will do that to you. Write it out instead of trying to capture it all on a tiny lens. You’ll be able to read it years from now, even if your iPhone falls into a geyser at Yosemite.

4. Visit schools. If you are considering graduate school, road tripping to your prospective options can be a fun – for real! If you have several friends also considering grad programs, you could all make the trek to visit these schools together. This is a great way to spend your time preparing for grad school by finding more out about the institution first hand.

5. Visit friends. There must be high school friends that you have yet to visit! Road tripping to see their campus and get an inside scoop on their lives is a fun way to round out the end of your college years. Plus, you’ll probably be able to crash on their couch, thus avoiding pricier hotels.

Road trips are great group journeys that don’t cost you an arm and a leg. Just remember to drive safely!

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