5 Reasons Why You Should Talk to Your College Advisor

Your college advisor is an invaluable resource you probably don’t use to the best advantage. College advisors are your first step to maximize your college experience. An advisor wants to help you succeed. While you might think you need your advisor only to figure out your class schedule, there are many other reasons to talk to your college advisor.

Academic Advising

1. Class Advice

One of your advisor’s main objectives is guiding your course schedule. Your advisor is knowledgeable about your major and will help decide which classes will most benefit your future goals. While your advisor will know which classes satisfy school requirements, he or she will suggest extra classes or extracurricular activities advantageous to your degree.

2. Monitor Progress

Your advisor will also monitor your progress. While it’s your responsibility to make sure you stay on track to graduate, your advisor is there to keep an eye on how you’re doing. Your college advisor will make sure your pre-requisites are met in order to get into the coursework for your major. Your advisor will also keep an eye on your grades. As a student, it’s your job to get the best grades you can. Your advisor will give you the extra push to make sure your grades satisfy degree requirements. He or she can also find extra help for you, like tutoring, if necessary.

3. Advocate

Your college advisor is also your advocate. Your advisor is your go-to person if any problems arise. Should you experience personal issues, such as illness or family emergencies, your advisor will help communicate with your teachers or coordinate assignments. He or she will also offer advice about available scholarships. Whenever you need information about anything, your advisor will find it for you or point you in the right direction.

4. Career Preparation

One of your primary goals in college is to begin a career. Your advisor is there to help you meet that goal. He or she will know about internships or job opportunities suitable for you. If graduate school is in your plan, your advisor is able to help you prepare.

5. Networking

Your advisor can set you up with contacts on and off campus. Networking is an important stepping stone career-wise. Knowing people within your chosen field not only gets your foot in the door with companies, it also provides you with mentors once you are out in the real world.

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