5 Fun and Frugal Ways to Have a Great Spring Break

Dropping serious coin on a trip to some fancy tropic party location where flocks of college students tend to migrate for one week in early spring, is not an option, or an appealing one at that, for many college students.

For the students who want to have a fun, relaxing, or exciting spring break without going too far from the city you’re currently in, here are 5 ways to have a fun, yet frugal, spring break.

1. Go somewhere you’ve never been before.
Whether you’re staying in your college town or heading home for the week, there are most definitely places that you’ve always said you wanted to go to, and have just never gotten around to it. Whether it’s a museum, a garden, a farmer’s market or a part of town, jot down some places nearby that you’ve actually never gotten the chance to go to.  Plan a spot to hit up each day of the week and your spring break is practically mapped out right in front of your eyes.

2. Hotel it up for the night.
Feeling the need to change up your environment and treat yourself to a little bit of the pampered lifestyle? Make a reservation at a local hotel for a fun girls’ or guys’ night out. Hotel rates can be kinda pricey, but compared to an expensive flight and week in a resort, it’s a bargain-especially if you find a great deal!

3. Plan a food tour!
A good restaurant is like a vacation in itself. So why not plan a food tour over your spring break? You can make reservations for different times throughout the day at multiple restaurants you’ve always wanted to go to. Have breakfast at one place, lunch at another, a snack and appetizer at the place around the corner, dinner some place else, and top it off with a new location for dessert! Whether you do it in one night or over the course of your break, trying new foods in new settings is a much more affordable way to travel the world.

4. Movie marathon with friends.
With homework, studying, rehearsals, practice and whatever else you got on your plate during the school year, it’s incredibly hard to make time for yourself to watch all those movies your movie buff friends keep telling you “you have to watch!” So if you’re doing the staycation thing over spring break, it’s the perfect time to catch up on new movies, or re-watch your favorites. Invite some friends over, pick out a few movies, make some snacks, and you’re set for the day and night.

5. Take a mini road trip!
You don’t have to travel thousands of miles away to get a taste of something new. There might be some fun sight-seeing worthy spots just a couple hours away, so why not plan a mini road trip? Go with a couple of close friends and you’ll not only save on gas and hotels, but the ride will be as fun as the destination. Just remember, drive safely!

How are you spending your spring break? Share what you’re up to in the comment section below.

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  1. Susie Watts says:

    I know that Spring Break can be disappointing for students who do not have plans or cannot financially afford to do something special. I think these are fun ideas to provide just the things that many students might be looking for, especially if they are saving their money for college expenses.

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