5 Dorm Room Tips For Guys

If you remember from the early Dorm Room Tips for Guys, we touched on some essentials you should have in your freshman dorm room. In this post we’ll delve a little deeper and include some cool ideas for stuff you can put in your dorm room. Almost everyone decorates their dorm room in the same boring way. Instead of the average poster-filled room, create an air of sophistication with some of these tips:

Lamps: The florescent lights your dorm room comes with do not exactly set the mood. Whether you want a relaxing reading environment or you want to be THE room people want to hang out in to watch TV, getting a couple lamps with soft lighting will take your room from a dreary cell to a sophisticated bachelor pad.

Throw Pillows: Get a throw pillow for your bed. You’re going to want to be able to sit up in your bed for reading or watching movies. This will give you way more seating options in your cramped dorm.

Speakers: Get some computer speakers with a subwoofer (key for those party jams). You can get a decent set for pretty cheap if you look on the web. This will come in handy when you want to jam to some tunes before heading out. When winter arrives and you and your friends would rather not brave the cold to head to a frat party, speakers will help you make the party where YOU are.

Forget the posters: Instead of throwing a bunch of posters on your wall, think about maybe hanging a couple art prints instead. Another option is to print out some cool black and white photos and hanging them up. You don’t want to be the guy in the dorm with a “Boondocks Saints” poster and you’re too old to hang a poster of your favorite baseball player. A couple well-placed, simple, sleek and classy pictures could go a long way to distinguishing your room.

Scented Candles: Getting a scented candle can go along way to making a room smell nice. When living with another guy, your room can get kind of gross if you don’t make an active effort to tidy up. Dirty clothes strewn about are the #1 culprits along with old food. Keep your room neat and clean. If you light a scented candle (but make sure it’s one with glass surrounding it so there are no fire hazards) you can make your space a little bit more livable and pleasant.


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