5 DIY Holiday Gift Ideas

Cappex content intern Zhi-Mei Li of University of Illinois-Chicago shares five of her favorite DIY Christmas gifts with us: 

Christmas is a great holiday but it can get expensive. With the amount of friends, co-workers, and family members you have to gift during this holiday, you can’t help but to seek alternate options. Nothing says “I care and am thinking about you,” more than a thoughtful, homemade gift. Here are some DIY Christmas gift ideas for the different people in your life!

1. Chocoholic.


Jar Filled with Chocolate. What else? Sweeten the deal this Christmas with a present filled with delicious chocolaty goodness. You can bake delicious full-size or mini chocolate chip cookies and store them in a jar. Make an assorted jar of cookies to provide your giftee some variety. If you’re not a baker, fill the jar with colorful and festive chocolate treats. Make sure your candies are wrapped to keep them hygienic and prolong their shelf-life. Either way, your chocolate-loving friend will enjoy and indulge in your scrumptious gift! Don’t forget to decorate your jar and add a sweet note to emphasize your love.

2. The Bedridden 






Winter Survival Kit. Due to the change in weather, many people get sick around this time of year. As a friend, you can gift a winter care package to your bedridden friend this Christmas. Stuff a decorated box with winter survival essentials such as cold medicine, tea, cough drops, pain relievers, and other useful winter items.


3. Beauty Lover

Winter Beauty Rescue Set. Cons about the winter time include chapped hands and lips. Save your beauty-conscious friend this winter by creating a fun and easy winter beauty gift set with lip balm and hand lotion. Why purchase lip balm when you can make it? All you need is a container, Vaseline, and essential oils. You can also easily make homemade hand lotion with a small jar, beeswax, coconut or almond oil, and essential oils.


4. Fashionista

Scarves.  Recycle your old clothes by turning them into trendy scarves! Here is a great DIY tutorial on how to turn your old, boring t-shirts into fashionable scarves that you can rock on a windy day. You can also recycle old sweaters and hoodies for different types of fabric and texture. The sweater material will keep you nice and cozy.

5. Scrooge






Handwarmers. This is a perfect gift for the person you have no idea what to gift for Christmas or the person with little to no Christmas spirit. Instead of trying to cheer them up, try warming them up. Sew a mini bag with fabric and stuff it with rice. To use, microwave the product for 20 seconds but be careful, it gets hot. The best part about this gift is that it is reusable and eco-friendly!

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Image Sources:  http://tumblr.com

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