4 Ways You’re Probably Wasting Your Time

College students are incredibly busy. Besides having class for 12-20 hours a week, they often have homework for another 12-20 hours, a job, sports practice, labs, club meetings, hall meetings, group meetings, gym appointments, friends, banquets, mandatory shows and speakers, meal times, Sunday phone calls home to Mom, and often a laughable sleep schedule.

Whether you’re trying to make time to read a book just for fun, or you’re feel as if you don’t even have the time to complete all of the tasks required of you, the following is a list of 5 ways you may be wasting some of that precious time.


According to a study done in September 2011, Americans spend an average of eight hours on Facebook every month. That’s two hours every week! While ten minutes after class here, and five minutes after breakfast there, doesn’t seem like a lot, all of those minutes add up! And I’m sure many college students spend way more than that on the ‘Book.

Solution: Savor some of those seconds by giving yourself a Facebook window. For example, by allowing yourself only ten minutes every night, you’re giving yourself another three hours every month to actually see the people you’ve been messaging!

Smart Phone Games:

While Angry Birds and Words with Friends are entertaining ways to pass the moments you stand in line for coffee, it’s likely not the best use of your time. It’s also easy for these games to evolve from a time-killer as you wait for class to begin, to a time-waster, as you study in the library.

Solution: Use your spare moments here and there to review your notes. By keeping information fresh on your mind, you’ll be saving hours you would have spent cramming.

Settling In:

Pay attention to how long it takes for you to transition from class or a club meeting, to doing homework at your desk. If you’re leaving class at 2:00 P.M., stopping for a soda, catching up with the fraternity guys, picking up a newspaper, playing ten minutes of hoops, watching YouTube with your roommate, re-organizing your pencils, Googling whether or not you can bake cookies in the microwave, and then gazing out the window before actually opening a book at 4:00 P.M., you may want to reconsider how you’re spending this time. While it’s important to see your friends and have some fun, spending hours transitioning every time you need to transition, will quickly eat up quite a bit of time.

Solution: Stay focused and prioritize. Grab your soda, newspaper, and fraternity talk, and then get some work done before shooting hoops and watching YouTube. Everyone at college knows what it’s like to have a lot of work to do. It’s ok to say, “not right now,” “maybe later,” or “after I finish this paper.”

Allowing Interruptions:

Ever have fifteen pages to read in a textbook, but it takes you eight hours on a Saturday to get it done? With text messages blowing up your phone, emails swarming your inbox, roommates popping in and out, and the web at your fingertips, it can be very difficult to focus on the task at hand.

Solution: Turn off what technology you can, and allow yourself breaks to check emails, texts, and voice mails. This will prevent you from getting distracted, and then having to re-focus on whatever task you may have.

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