4 Ways Women Can Make Their Health a Priority, Even in College

You’ve probably heard the stories about the “Freshman Fifteen.” It’s been said that Ramen and pizza are the staples of the college kid diet. You know friends who have stayed up days in a row to finish a paper during Dead Week, leaving them to truly look like zombies. While some may say this is the beauty of college and just a way of life, it’s important that you realize it doesn’t have to be. There are alternatives to living the typical college student lifestyle. If your health is something you’re not looking to compromise this semester, check out these tips on how you can eat well and stay in shape in college!

Embrace Healthy Options

Your university is filled with diversity. This includes diverse meal options and physical activities. Yes, you will see pizza, mozzarella sticks, and french fries throughout your dining hall, but you’ll also find fruit, salads, wheat wraps, sushi, and gluten-fee and vegan options! It’s just a matter of picking the healthy choice over the not-so-healthy choice. Your college probably has a gym and a pool. There are places you can walk to. There are dance classes and sports teams you can take part in. Do some searching on your campus to see what you can use to improve your lifestyle!

Manage Your Time

There are students who stay up all night to finish a paper, but there are also students who have gotten eight hours of sleep every night all through college. Often times, those who are left studying until the sun comes up struggle with time management. You can get plenty of rest by making sure you’re not overloading your schedule and using the time you have wisely. Instead of studying for hours days before an exam, reread your notes every night before you go to bed, or while you’re waiting for class to start. Avoid wasting minutes playing Words with Friends when there’s something more productive you could be doing instead. If you’ve got a good grasp on your schedule, you’ll be able to make sleep a priority.

Use Services on Campus

Your campus has a doctor’s office, a counseling center, and maybe even STD testing. As you’ve already paid for these services with your tuition, you may as well use them! If you’re not feeling well, take the time to see a doctor instead of shrugging off your stuffy nose for weeks. If you’re having trouble dealing with a personal issue, make an appointment with the counseling center before you’re there with a panic attack. Keep your physical and mental health in check. If you’re not feeling well, take care of the problem sooner rather than later.

Find Healthy Friends

It’s easier to make healthy decisions when you’re in the company of others who are making healthy decisions! Find a workout buddy. Go to dinner with friends who value eating well. Pick a roommate who values their sleep.


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