4 Ways to Graduate College in 4 Years or Less

diplomabiggerHave you met Slow Joe? He’s that friendly guy on campus who says “hi” to everybody and who you see at every party but never at the library. Oh, and according to legend, he’s been in school since ’96.

College is great. But the debt you’ll accumulate paying for all those years of fun without getting your degree is not worth it–unless you’re an heir or heiress to a billion dollar oil company.

Graduating in 4 years or less is most definitely possible, and here some tips to make sure you can do it:

1. Decide on a major
A lot of schools, guidance counselors and older friends will tell you that you should take your sweet time choosing a major. The truth is, while it might take some time to realize what it is you really want to study, the earlier you figure it out, the sooner you can you complete the courses you’ll need to graduate. The later you decide on the major, the less time you have to complete those courses by graduation.

Check out our article about why you should declare a major now.

2. Wean off of the party scene
Chances are, the more you party, the less time you’ll be studying. It’s a simple law of science–I’m pretty sure Einstein discovered that relationship. The party scene at school can be fun, especially since it’s your first real taste of independence. But once you’ve had your taste, get back to the books. Partying can take a huge toll on the work you’re able to complete and classes you’ll be able to pass.

3. Sit down with an advisor
Once you decide your major, make an appointment with an advisor to help you plan out each of your semesters. A college advisor will help you make sure all of your requirements will be covered by the time you want to graduate. Stick to the plan, you’ll be sure to graduate on time or earlier.

4. Study abroad wisely
Studying abroad is a wonderful opportunity to learn about the world. If this is something you want to do, make sure 100% that all of the abroad program credits transfer to your school. One of the ways to makes sure of this is to go with a program that your school recommends or is partnered with. Again, meeting with an advisor can help you find the right program that will work towards your major.

Do you have any other words of wisdom for graduating in 4 years or less? Comment and share!

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  1. Newman Oyee says:

    thanks alot for the advice. the major choice part is the more difficult, cause many people think only of the money, instead of their joy in the field they want to study. As a young boy, i have always want to be an artist(painting), but because doctors have more money( said by my dad) i switched my majors, which caused me troubles in my school.an advice to who ever read this, go for what your heart says, not what your mind says.

  2. Tonia says:

    Use your instructors as resources. If you are having difficulties, take the time to meet with them and see what can be done differently to improve!!

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