3 Unexpected Items You Will Need in College

For those of you doing your college shopping for the first time, you can probably recite your entirely list by heart at this point. Between college orientation, department store sales, web sites, and advice from upperclassmen, you know that a white board on your door is a welcoming sign, that bed risers will prevent you from feeling like your bed belongs to a five year old, and that a pair of flip flops are an absolute must for the shower if you care at all about your feet! But there’s always a few things during the semester that did not appear on your list that you will wish you had. Here are three of those unexpected items.


A toolbox may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you begin crafting your dorm room shopping list. After all, you won’t be doing any remodeling or installing work inside your dorm room, but you will be surprised how often you could actually use a screw driver, a wrench, and some nails. If you decide you want a different chair for your desk, or a bookshelf, you will want to have the tools to put it together. If a bolt comes loose in your futon, you will want the ability to tighten it up. You might have a nail sticking out in your dresser, and instead of waiting three days for maintenance, with your own hammer, you can quickly fix it yourself. Basic tool kits can be bought at any department store, and you can get them in all kinds of fun colors!

Sewing Kit

You have probably seen the sewing kit on your college dorm lists before and shrugged it off. When was the last time you sewed anything? When would you possibly need that? You might not even know how to sew! While you won’t be using a small sewing kit too often, it ends up being nice to have. You might be involved in a club that plans to personalize t-shirts for an event, and you want to sew something to it. You could rip your only pair of dress pants twenty minutes before a presentation in which appearance makes up 20% of your grade! With sewing kits only being a few dollars in the check out line, why not?

Craft Supplies

You probably wouldn’t think of buying fun scissors, stickers, markers, glue, crayons, tape, fabric paint, glitter, and other crafty things to college unless your major deals with children. Surprisingly, there are a lot of instances in which these tools come in handy. You will find yourself making posters for presentations, decorating t-shirts for club events, drawing pictures for group bonding games, wrapping birthday presents, and someday, painting graduation caps. With late summer being back-to-school season, you can easily stock up on all of these things for just a few bucks!


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