3 Tips on Adjusting to a College Student’s Schedule

As a new college student, you are likely just getting to know what it’s like to have classes that don’t begin until ten in the morning, or a class that doesn’t begin until seven at night, or a weekday where you have no classes at all! Coming from a rigid and consistent high school schedule, living the life of a college student can seem a little overwhelming. Except for your sporadically-placed classes, your time is very much your own. It’s your job to fit in homework, studying, club meetings, group meetings, meals, friends, showers, and sleep. In addition, you have to work much of that daunting schedule out with a roommate juggling responsibilities of his/her own.

Check out these tips on how you can bounce from high school academia to a successful college student.

Detail a Consistent Schedule

Your schedule is going to change every semester for the next four years. You might go from having no classes on Fridays, to most of your classes on Fridays, or from three hours between classes to having barely enough time to squeeze in lunch. The quickest way for you to adjust to your changing schedule will be to seek out consistency. Once your classes have been registered, look at the time you have left. Pick a time to do homework everyday. What time will you get your meals? What time will you wake up and go to bed? When will you go to the gym or hang out with your friends? If you designate what your time is meant for, and you stick to that schedule, you will adjust in no time!

Set Daily Goals

As much of your time is yours to do as you please, it will be very easy to choose not to do your homework during your morning homework time slot with the intention to do it “later.” It will be tempting to hang out with your friends on a night you had originally planned to write a paper. While this flexibility is nice in many situations, you don’t want to make a habit out of it. Make to-do lists on particularly busy mornings to organize what you plan to get done during what times, and more than likely, you will find yourself staying ahead of the game.

Manage Your Time

If you have a detailed schedule and goals set for yourself everyday, you will still need effective time management in order to cross things off the list! Start major papers and projects well in advance so you don’t find the time you spend working on them leaking into other areas of your schedule. Prevent distractions from social media sites and your smart phone by allowing yourself to only check for updates and messages after you have reached certain points in your project. Leave the TV off while you work. Scheduling breaks during long blocks of studying or paper-writing is a good thing, but set a timer so you don’t Facebook your night away. These will all help you remain focused so you can accomplish what you have set out to do.


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