3 Summer Mindsets for the College Transfer Student

So you spent a year at college and it…wasn’t what you wanted. It took you until the Spring semester to realize the campus really doesn’t look anything like the picture, and the neighborhood doesn’t have all of those great places to visit that were advertised on the website. At some point in your first year of college, you decided living six-hundred miles away from home isn’t as great as you thought it would be. Maybe after a few science classes, you learned that science isn’t really your strong suit, and you’d like to transfer from a tech school to an arts school. Regardless of your reason for transferring, you’re only months away from starting again somewhere new! Check out these summer mindsets that will prepare you for your new beginning as a college transfer student!

An Open Mind

Perhaps your first year as a college student wasn’t too good at all. Your roommate was rude and a slob, you didn’t like your professors, your phone was stolen, the RAs were never around, and you didn’t get into the classes you wanted. It’s unfortunate that your college experience began that way. This summer, clear your mind. Leave all of that behind you and prepare yourself to try again! Embrace the extra-curricular clubs on campus. See your professors after class for help. Get to know the people in your building. You have the chance to start your life as a college student over, only this time, you’ll be just a little bit wiser!

A Set of Goals

As a college transfer, you’ve already gotten your feet wet in what it means to be a college student. This means you’re better able to create meaningful and reachable goals for yourself. Maybe last year you were only a point away from making Dean’s List. Maybe you’ve realized you didn’t do as much as you could as far as trying to meet new people on campus. Perhaps you didn’t call home as much as you should have. Use last year’s experience to come up with a few short-term and long-term achievements for yourself!

A Rounded View

As a transfer student, you have something many students don’t get the chance to see. You have the opportunity to see how your major is taught at one college verses another.  You may get into a math course on the first day and realize you know an easier way to remember an equation than what the professor is telling you. You may find that you’ve already read a book you were required to read, and even have a paper written on it. You may find yourself in the middle of discussing a theory you spent weeks writing about last year. Take these opportunities to share with others what you learned elsewhere. Take advantage of these overlaps by fusing together what you’ve learned from multiple professors and classmates to create your own unique ideas and perspectives!

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