3 Keys to a Successful College Dorm Room

While your dorm room may be small, big things will happen there. This is where you’ll type the first sentence of your first novel. It’s where you’ll begin memorizing human bones and muscles on a road that will eventually lead to a medical degree. It’s where engineers, lawyers, and artists first sit down with a textbook and begin understanding the theories, concepts, and practices of their world. Your dorm room should reflect that! It should inspire you to explore. It should motivate you to get out of bed when it’s snowing. It should remind you of who you are and where you’ve come from. Check out these ways you can make your dorm room explode with greatness and color in a way that will make you proud to be a college student, as well as excited about life, even when it’s gray and raining!

Use Lots of Color

There will be a week it rains–every single day. You might have a month where you feel as if you haven’t seen the sun at all, and you never will again. Somewhere around the middle of the semester, you might feel like everyday is filled with chapters to read and papers to write with no end in sight. As your dorm room is likely various shades of black, white, and gray, prepare for those not-so-bright weeks by brightening up your living space with your favorite colors. Get blue magnets for your fridge, a bright pink rug, or yellow pillows. These fun items might be enough to improve your mood on that thundering Tuesday afternoon!

Have A Variety of Lighting Solutions

You may want to have numerous options for lighting your dorm room. Do you have a setting for when you’re up late finishing a project and your roommate is asleep? How about a setting for when it’s pitch black outside and you and your roommate want to stay up playing a game? What about a setting for when you’re in bed finishing up a chapter in a book, and don’t want to get up to turn off the light? Consider stand alone lamps, lamps with multiple settings, desk lamps, book lights, push lights, decorative lights, and any other type of light you can think of that will allow you to adjust lighting for any situation.

Give Yourself Motivation

Everyone has a reason for attending college and for choosing a particular major. Maybe you’re going to school to be a teacher because you had a teacher who changed your life. Maybe you’re a film major because Fight Club is your favorite movie, and you want to create art with that much complexity. Have something in your room that will remind you of why you’re here. When you’re in the middle of a twenty-page paper while your friends are all at a party, or when it’s the first warm week of the semester and you’d rather tan than study, you’ll need the motivation to keep you going!


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