3 Great Ways To Be A Leader

Many colleges admire students with leadership skills. Any activities in which you held a leadership position or a lot of responsibility for a group reflect well on your application. Schools like to know that they are accepting active students who will take advantage of the great opportunities offered to them, at school and post graduation.

Here are three awesome ways you can build your leadership skills in preparation for college and life!

1. Be a camp counselor. If you’re the kind of person who enjoys outdoor adventures, making friends and teaching kids, you should definitely look into being a camp counselor. According to the open counselor positions on Camp Channel, there are positions available all over the country for equestrian coordinators, psychology enthusiasts, drama instructors and more. Being a counselor not only gives you an opportunity to build leadership qualities in a teaching and learning environment, it also treats you to a fun summer and introduces you to new friends.

2. Attend a youth leadership retreat. Organizations like the National Student Leadership Conference allow high school students to work alongside and meet world leaders, try out future career paths, and live temporarily on a college campus. You can choose from a wide variety of programs the one that best suits your interests and potential career choice. You can also decide based on location – super cool if you are planning on applying to a school that hosts one of these conferences. Nothing beats hands-on leadership experience where you challenge your skills and prepare for your future!

3. Start something! Take a page out of Katy Butler’s book and find something you are passionate about that needs attention. Katy is working hard to change the rating of a film she believes should be available to more students her age. The film, an intense documentary about bullying, affects her personally and she strongly believes in this cause. But don’t worry; you don’t have to go national with your cause. It can also be something simple – start a book club with friends who also enjoy reading and discussion. You can learn big things about leadership even if the role seems small. Get together with friends if doing something alone feels daunting. Cappex’s 2012 Lead With Your Heart Scholarship winner, Camille P. Encinitas, worked with classmates to co-found a nonprofit to help people in her community suffering from hunger. The students went on to produce a documentary about the issue. Talk about leadership! Whatever it is that you care about, start it.

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