15 Ways to Cure Homesickness!

GAH! Feeling homesick is the worst, especially when you are far away from home, and there is no easy way to visit. You’re lonely. You’re cranky. You’re sad.

You are also in control of turning these negative feelings into something positive! Spending time getting to know new friends and finding ways to keep yourself busy are essential to fighting homesickness. Here are 15 ways you can do it.

1. Call a good friend from high school. Tell them about the good things going on in your life. Even if you feel miserable, talk about the cool things college offers so far.

2. Grab your roommate and go out for dessert.

3. Grab dessert and bring it back to the dorm for you and your roommate.

4. Go to the gym! Running will blow off steam and make your body feel good.

5. Read a book for fun – something that has nothing to do with class. Get lost in it.

6. Watch a movie from your childhood. Indulge your nostalgia and curl up to watch something familiar.

7. Find a club that interests you and go to an informational meeting. Chances are you’ll meet a few people who delight you and the club can become a regular group activity.

8. Check out student performances on campus. There are always free shows (or very cheap shows) offered by student dance, comedy, theater, and music groups. See what your fellow students are up to! Maybe you can join in the fun.

9. Find events on campus like guest speakers or visiting artists. Again, those are usually very cheap for students. Get inspired by a terrific talk or crazy show!

10. Visit a part of campus you haven’t seen before. Some campuses have greenhouses or nature walks for students to explore. Ask a friend if they want to go to a museum or historical center with you. Even a local shopping mall is an option. Anything new will feel like an adventure and take you away from your lonely feelings.

11. Teach friends a game you used to play at  home, or find a board game that you used to play often. Share this pastime with new people!

12. Start a snail mail correspondence with parents, siblings, or friends at other schools. It’s always super exciting to get letters in the mail as opposed to emails.

13. Sign up for a class outside your major! This way you’ll meet a whole new set of friends and challenge your brain with new information to distract you and keep you busy.

14. Cook a favorite meal from home and share it with someone.

15. Call home. Limit yourself to calling once a day if you are feeling intense homesickness. While it is refreshing and comforting to talk to your family at home, find ways to explore your surroundings and challenge yourself to get involved. You’ll be stronger!

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