10 Cool Dorm Room Accessories to Make You Feel at Home


Who says you can’t make your dorm room look cool? There are a ton of both awesome and practical options that can make your dorm room or apartment feel like home. Here is a list of a few of our favorite dorm room accessories that can help your transition into dorm life be a good one.

1. Traffic Light Lamp

Want to brighten up your dorm with an interesting light? What better way to start a conversation or liven up a party than with this Traffic Light Lamp? It’s a good bedside piece that adds some flare to any dorm.

2. Colorful Compact USB Laptop Speakers

Lights will brighten up a room, but what about some awesome tunes to go along with them? These Colorful Compact USB Laptop Speakers have seven mood-changing LED lights. It’s a great way to use your music to relax after a long day of classes or get excited for the weekend, whatever your pleasure.

3. Decorative Wall Organizer

This Wall Organizer combines decor with organization. You can write friendly notes to your roommate, use it for your to-do list, pin up ticket stubs or pictures, and more.

4. Dry-Erase Board Refrigerator

Do you want a boring fridge, or one that you can stick magnets on and write on with dry-erase markers? This Dry-Erase Mini-Fridge is both practical and fun. Cover it with your favorite quotes, notes to your roommate, homework reminders, or fun artwork. You can even use it to keep track of what belongs to who in the fridge and keep any hungry roommates from eating your leftovers.

5. Wall Art is Always Fun

Who really wants plain white walls? Add some simple art to your walls to spruce up your dorm room and find your style. Posters are a popular go-to, but why not try a Hanging Tapestry to add color, or a cool Wall Decal for a classy feel.

6. Hanging Photo Display

Another way to decorate your wall is with this Hanging Photo Display. It’s a great way to hang your favorite pictures or magazine clippings, and you can easily move or add new ones when you need a change. This will help fill the room with the pictures of the people and things that you love and make your room feel comfortable like home.

7. Colorful Chairs

Now that the walls are covered, we have to have a place to sit, right? Why not sit in style in these Colorful Chairs? The set comes with three chairs in different colors. Not only do they provide additional seating for your friends and roommates, they also make a room pop, and you can even match these chairs to your wall art.

8. Crazy Pillows

Throw one of these Scented Microbead Pillows on a chair or your bed. Not only are they super colorful, but they also smell good! Choose between a cupcake pillow that smells like vanilla icing and a gumball machine that smells like bubblegum. What could be better?

9. Paper Lamp Shade

Above your bed you might want to add a little extra flare. Why not hang up a paper lamp shade? This Paper Lamp Shade has an interesting pattern, but there are many others out there that require just a standard light bulb.

10. Fishbowl

A colorful, low-maintenance fish, such as a betta, can certainly add a personal touch to your dorm room. Since this particular fish is very easy to care for, a small fishbowl is a great addition to a dorm room. This Waterfall Globe Aquarium not only has a light, but also has a unique, real waterfall element that can help you relax and focus during those difficult study sessions.

Find these items and everything else you need for your dorm room here at Amazon’s Off to College Department. What are your favorite dorm room accessories?

image credit: rochester.edu

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