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College News Roundup

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Up-to-date college news from this week:

Pat Summitt Steps Down

After 38 years on the job as head coach of the Tennessee Women’s Basketball program, Pat Summitt has passed the keys to Holly Warlick. Coach Summitt retires with the most wins of any coach in college basketball history (man or woman). She added an NCAA record 8 National Championships to those 1,098 wins.

Coach Summitt turns 60 next month. She is stepping down in large part due to early on-set dementia. She disclosed this condition last August and will focus her energies now on battling the illness. Summitt will remain a part of the Tennesse staff as “ head coach emeritus” and will help mentor current players as well as recruit new players. Holly Warlick will be taking the reigns after 27 years as an assistant to Coach Summitt. Coach Summitt said:

“I made a choice early in my career to challenge myself to step up my game each and every day. You can be sure I will take this same attitude into my new role as head coach emeritus and continue to teach our players the same commitment. I can promise you ladies, I’m here for you.”

Warlick added:

“Today I feel like the luckiest person in the world. I get to coach at a school that has always been in my blood and this is my home. It only took me 27 years to get to this point — I didn’t want to rush it. So I told Pat to take all the time she needed.

People have asked me, why have you not left? And I simply say, why would I? Why would I leave a place that is rich in tradition, has an unbelievable administration that has always supported women’s basketball, and have the most incredible, supporting fans in the country?”

State AG Deems Santa Monica College Tuition Plan Illegal

To combat budget shortfalls, Santa Monica College came up with a plan to charge more per credit for classes that were in higher demand and filled up quicker. Now the California Attorney General has deemed this plan illegal. They would have charged almost four times as much per class for the in demand classes. More than $800 million has been cut from California community colleges in recent years. Santa Monica College says they have not yet received an official opinion on the matter and thus would not comment on it.

Any news going on your college campus? Share in the comment field below!

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Make Smarter Decisions When Paying For School with New “Know Before You Owe” Tool

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Last Wednesday, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) launched the next phase of its Know Before You Owe student loan project with the beta version of the Financial Aid Comparison Shopper, an interactive, online tool designed to help families plan for the costs of college.

With student loan debt crossing the $1 trillion barrier, the folks at the CFPB believe that students and families need to fully understand all the moving parts of borrowing money to pay for college before they wind up thousands of dollars in debt and without a plan for their financial future. The new online comparison tool helps students compare college costs so that they can find the one that works the best for their fiscal future.

The Financial Aid Comparison Shopper has been released to the world at the height of the college decision making process. As students sift through their acceptance letters, for a majority of them, it comes down to how they will actually pay for school; however, unfortunately, financial aid information is often filled with hard-to-understand industry terms and unique guidelines to the institution sending it. How can a family make an educated decision on college costs if it’s too complicated to understand the source material?

CFPB’s Know Before You Owe student loan project began in October by collaborating with the Department of Education on a draft Financial Aid Shopping Sheet that higher education institutions could use to present families with a uniform, easy-to-understand explanation of the total cost of post-secondary education and their options for financing it. The Financial Aid Comparison Shopper builds on that by helping students to compare the information across schools.

The beta version of the Financial Aid Comparison Shopper has more than 7,500 schools and institutions in its database, including vocational schools and community, state, and private colleges. It draws information from publicly available data provided by government statistical agencies. With the new tool, students and their families can compare the following across multiple financial aid offers:

  • Estimated monthly student loan payment after graduation;
  • Grant and scholarship offers;
  • School-specific metrics such as graduation, retention, and federal student loan default rates; and
  • Estimated debt level at graduation in relationship to the average starting salary

The Financial Aid Comparison Shopper also includes a “Military Benefit Calculator” that can estimate education benefits for servicemembers, veterans, and their families. The calculator includes military tuition assistance and Post-9/11 GI Bill benefits.

And, of course, ease the cost of college with scholarships. Find your matches today at

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College News Roundup

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Up-to-date college news from this week:


Shooting at small Oakland, CA College

Tragedy struck this week at Oikos University in Oakland, CA as a gunman opened fire on campus killing at least 7. According to the AP, the shooter, One Goh, had intended to target a female administrator. In a news conference, Alameda County Dist. Atty. Nancy O’Malle said:

“On Monday, April 2, One Goh committed crimes of such enormity and brutality that our community, our country and citizens around the world are left reeling. The scope of this murderer’s rampage is unprecedented in Alameda County.”

Students Pepper Sprayed

While protesting rising tuition costs, students at Santa Monica College were pepper sprayed by campus police earlier this week. During a board meeting, over 100 students protested outside and were subsequently pepper sprayed with over 30 students needing medical attention. Chants ranged from ”Let us in, let us in” to “No cuts, no fees, education should be free.” Santa Monica College president Chui L. Tsang was less than sympathetic to the students stating:

“Santa Monica College regrets that a group of people chose to disrupt a public meeting in an unlawful manner. The College has launched a full investigation into the matter. The College’s action comes at a time when SMC is confronted with the greatest budget crisis ever to face higher education in California.

Kentucky Wins National Championship

Led by national player of the year Anthony Davis, the University of Kentucky Wildcats won the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament. Their 67-59 win gave coach John Calipari his first national title and is the school’s eighth championship. Davis only shot 1 of 10 from the floor and all six of his points came from the free throw line. However, he had 15 rebounds, tied an NCAA championship game record with six blocks and added five assists and three steals.

Texting in Class

According to a US News and World Report Article texting is a huge problem in college classrooms. A study by University of Pittsburg of over 190 students showed that students read 2.6 text messages and sent 2.4 texts during one class. Author of the study  Fang-Yi Flora Wei said:

“College students may believe that they are capable of performing multitasking behaviors during their classroom learning, such as listening to the lecture and texting simultaneously. But the real concern is not whether students can learn under a multitasking condition, but how well they can learn if they cannot sustain their full attention on classroom instruction.”

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