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Attention Illinois Students: The Golden Apple Scholar Application is Now Open!

If you’re thinking about becoming a teacher in Illinois, the Golden Apple Scholars program will give you the opportunity to earn up to $23,000 for college at more than 50 Illinois partner universities. This unique teacher prep program combines a scholarship with unrivaled classroom experience and game-changing resources both during and after college. The Golden Apple Scholar Application is now open!

Teacher assisting students in art class

Golden Apple Scholars have the unique opportunity to gain experience working in challenging teaching environments and receive:

  • Tuition support up to $23,000
  • Four paid Summer Institutes that include courses and extensive classroom/work experience
  • Academic support
  • Job placement assistance
  • Ongoing mentoring from award-winning teachers throughout college and during the early years of teaching

The Golden Apple Scholars program was created specifically to help students who want to help their communities and make a difference in the lives of their students. The program will award 250 scholarships to future teachers this year. Teachers and counselors can nominate their standout students, but you’re also encouraged to nominate yourself if you’re interested.

Illinois-based Cappex students with an interest in education shouldn’t hesitate to apply to the Golden Apple Scholars program. Our nation needs more qualified and passionate educators, particularly those who are bilingual or members of a traditionally underrepresented group. However, all students are encouraged to get involved, especially those who want to change the lives of young people. Because the program is only for Illinois students who are planning on studying and teaching in-state, you get the satisfaction of knowing you’re making a difference locally.

2015 Golden Apple Scholars: At a Glance

57% – First generation college students
50% – Underrepresented population
36% – Low income
25 – Average ACT score

The Golden Apple Scholars of Illinois program can help you start your career as an educator who is committed to changing lives. Visit the Golden Apple website for more details.

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11 Scholarships Expiring in October 2015

It may feel like school’s only just started, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be getting serious about your college and scholarship search. Whether you’re a brand-new freshman or seasoned senior, applying for scholarships now will save you time and money in the future, so what are you waiting for? Here are a few awards that have October deadlines – you still have a few weeks to get your applications in! Bonus: some of these scholarships are giving away massive awards, and who couldn’t use an extra $10,000 or $20,000 for college?

Autumn in Boston Public Garden

1. Jack Kent Cooke Young Artist Award
Deadline: October 1
Award: $10,000

Classical musicians, vocalists, and composers will qualify for this scholarship from the Jack Kent Cooke Foundation.

2. 2016 Project ASCEND Scholars Program
Deadline: October 1
Award: $1,000

Students enrolled in a college or university in the Washington, D.C., metro area with a physical or mental disability will be eligible for Project ASCEND’s award.

3. Illinois National Guard (ING) Grant Program
Deadline: October 1
Award: Varies

This award will be granted to enlisted Illinois National Guard members who have completed a full year of service and can maintain an acceptable GPA.

4. Helicopter 2050 Challenge
Deadline: October 15
Award: $1,000

Imagine what a helicopter will look like in the year 2050 and you could win money for college.

5. Healthcare Administration and Management Scholarship
Deadline: October 15
Award: $1,500

Undergrad and graduate students studying healthcare administration and management can submit an essay for a chance to win this award.

6. CIA Undergraduate Scholarship Program
Deadline: October 15
Award: $18,000

Are you interested in working for the CIA over the summers and after college graduation? This scholarship is for you!

7. Most Promising Logo Design Scholarship
Deadline: October 16
Award: $1,500

Students studying graphic design or product design have the chance to create a logo and see their hard work pay off in the form of scholarship money.

8. Horatio Alger National Scholarship Program
Deadline: October 25
Award: $22,000

The stakes are high for this scholarship. If you can prove you’ve overcome significant obstacles, you’ll be in the running for $22,000 for college.

9. Mahogany and Blues Babe Foundation Scholarship
Deadline: October 30
Award: $10,000

If your goal is to study writing arts and you have a strong academic background, you can enter for a chance to earn $10,000 for your education.

10. Alma Exley Scholarship
Deadline: October 31
Award: $5,000

This program is for students of color who plan on majoring in education at a Connecticut college or university.

11. Coca-Cola Scholars Program Scholarship
Deadline: October 31
Award: $20,000

Every year, Coca-Cola gives 150 students the chance to put a huge dent in their college tuition bill.

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The Biggest Scholarship Essay Mistakes

scholarship applicationWith tuition prices at an all-time high and the economy still looking sluggish, a lot of students are in need of some kind of financial support during college. Thankfully, there are literally hundreds of thousands of scholarships out there for every type of student.

If you’ve spent some time doing research to find out which scholarships you could qualify for, you’ve probably noticed the application requirements often include an essay.

Below are some of the most common mistakes most students make when writing scholarship essays and how to avoid them:

Don’t Let Grammar Mistakes Slip Through
Making sure that your grammar is correct shows the reader that you care. This is a general rule, whether it’s a term paper, a thank-you note, a resume, or a personal statement for college applications. In the case of scholarship essays, you’re asking someone to consider giving you money, so you want to make the best impression possible. Put your essay through a spellcheck. Ask a friend to read it and correct it. Print it out and read it out loud. Make absolutely sure there are no errors when you send it off.

Don’t Trail Off Topic
A lot of students do this and it’s one of the worst essay mistakes ever. If you’re supposed to be writing about how you overcame a challenge, don’t write about how you enjoyed visiting Paris last summer. It’s amazing how many students start out strong and then start meandering into other subjects. Rambling makes for a weak essay and doesn’t give the reader any idea of your potential. To avoid straying, make an outline of your major points before starting and stick to it as you write.

Don’t Ignore Word Count Limits
If the scholarship providers ask you to write a 350-500 word essay, don’t stray outside of this range. Falling short of the minimum 350 words leaves the impression that you didn’t try hard enough. Exceeding the 500 word limit could get you eliminated for being unable to follow directions or express yourself succinctly.

Don’t Brag
While you want to highlight your strengths and qualities, a dose of humility is always a good idea. You don’t want to be so humble as to leave out the great things about you, but you do want to strike a balance between listing your qualities and showing off. Don’t say, for example, “I’m the greatest basketball player of all time in my high school. Nobody can beat my record. I’m a living legend.” Instead say, “I’m proud of the fact that my long hours of training and my passion for the game have led me to be the top-scoring basketball player in my high school’s history.” Nobody likes to hear someone’s brag. But people do love to hear someone’s success story.

Don’t Whine
There are a lot of scholarships available to students who have experienced hardship. If you’ve been through a difficult experience as an immigrant seeking asylum or if you have a disability or your family has an extremely challenging financial situation, then it’s important for you to tell your story. If you’re writing an essay in this category, please consider what the scholarship donors are looking for: someone who is bright and positive who has earned an opportunity to improve his or her life. That means you’ll want to steer clear of whining or complaining. Tell your story in an objective way.

Cari Bennette is a passionate blogger, aspiring writer, and avid reader. She works at custom writing service Jet Writers, and contributes to different blogs related to e-learning, college study, education, and other topics in her articles. Cari also helps students who seek writing advice.

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