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12 Scholarships Expiring in December 2015

With the long Thanksgiving weekend right around the corner and winter break only a few weeks away, you’re bound to have plenty of free time to apply for scholarships soon. Here are just a few awards that won’t be open much longer (one of them is worth up to $50,000!).student-849827_1920

1. Lynn G. Bellenger Scholarship
Deadline: December 1
Award: $5,000

If you’re seeking a Bachelor of Science degree, engineering degree, or in any other program that prepares you to work in the HVAC&R field and you’re in the top 30 percent of your class, you may qualify for this award.

2. Mark Miller Memorial Scholarship
Deadline: December 1
Award: $5,000

Undergrads studying materials science in the U.S. have a shot at winning this big money scholarship.

3. Barbara Lotze Scholarship for Future Teachers
Deadline: December 1
Award: $2,000

Want to teach high school physics after finishing your degree? This scholarship was made for you.

4. Calista Education and Culture Scholarship
Deadline: December 1
Award: $250-$1,000

To qualify for this award, applicants must be Alaska Natives who are descendants of the Calista Corporation.

5. Overseas Press Club Foundation Scholarship
Deadline: December 1
Award: $2,000

Americans studying at a domestic or international school may qualify for one of the 15 $2,000 awards distributed by the Overseas Press Club Foundation.

6. Rogers Law Firm Scholarship Essay Contest
Deadline: December 1
Award: $1,000

Submit a 1,000-1,500-word essay on a given topic and you could win this award.

7. TaskEasy Scholarship for Future Entrepreneurs
Deadline: December 1
Award: $1,000

Want to start your own business someday? Write a 500-word essay on why and how winning this award would help you achieve your dreams.

8. The Harry Bell Scholarship Program
Deadline: December 1
Award: $1,500

West Virginia college students have the chance to earn this scholarship by writing a 500-word essay on the importance of juries in the civil justice system.

9. Burger King Scholars Program
Deadline: December 15
Award: $1,000-$50,000

You have the chance to earn big money when you apply for the Burger King Scholars Program. Recipients are chosen based on academic achievement and extracurricular activities.

10. Drake Law Firm California Superhero Scholarship
Deadline: December 15
Award: $5,000

Going to school in California? Create a 30-120 second video that explains which superheroes have inspired your education goals and why this scholarship will help you achieve your dreams.

11. William B. Ruggles Right to Work Journalism Scholarship
Deadline: December 31
Award: $2,000

Students majoring in journalism or a related field who have an interest in the National Institute for Labor Relations Research’s work can apply for this award.

12. InfoParrot Scholarship of Excellence
Deadline: December 31
Award: $1,250

High school seniors and current college students who write an essay on the internet’s influence on the global economy will be entered to win this scholarship.

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11 Scholarships Expiring in November 2015

collegeThanksgiving is on its way, and if you’ll be seeing family during the holiday, they’re sure to ask all about your college search. Even if you don’t know where you’ll end up attending school yet, you can definitely give your grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins an update on the scholarships you’re applying for:

1. Comedy Driving Inc. Video Scholarship
Deadline: November 1
Award: $1,500

Submit an original, engaging video that highlights the importance of safe driving to qualify for this award.

2. Comedy Driving Inc. Essay Scholarship
Deadline: November 1
Award: $1,500

Videos not your forte? Comedy Driving also offers students the option to submit an essay for a chance to qualify for their scholarship.

3. I-70 Medical Center Education Foundation Fund
Deadline: November 1
Award: $2,000

If you’re from Saline, Lafayette, Johnson, or Pettis County in Missouri and plan to work in the healthcare field, you can submit an application for this award. Those who plan to work in a rural setting after graduation will be given preference.

4. Hopi Tribe Grants and Scholarship Program
Deadline: November 1
Award: Varies

Enrolled members of the Hopi Tribe who have completed a FAFSA and applied for federal, state, and institution-specific aid may qualify for funds from this program.

5. SIT Study Abroad Scholarships
Deadline: November 1
Award: $500-$5,000

If you plan to complete a SIT Study Abroad program, you may qualify for money to put towards your semester in another country.

6. Jack Kent Cooke Foundation Scholarship Program
Deadline: November 3
Award: $40,000

The Jack Kent Cooke Foundation gives away 40 awards to students who have an ACT composite score of at least 26 or an SAT combined score of at least 1200. In addition to the scholarship, recipients will receive advising and support from the Foundation.

7. Intel Science Talent Search Awards (Intel STS)
Deadline: November 11
Award: $1,000-$150,000

Science lovers, rejoice! You can win this science-focused award by submitting a full scientific report in an STEM field or medicine.

8. MyHeart Scholarship
Deadline: November 15
Award: $1,000

Students who plan to study healthcare can submit an essay for a chance to win this award. Preference will be given to those who express an interest in cardiovascular health.

9. Yukiko Howell Memorial STEM Scholarship
Deadline: November 16
Award: $1,500

Applicants must be pursuing a STEM education and have a background in volunteering at STEM- or aviation-related events.

10. Paul Hagelbarger Memorial Scholarship Fund
Deadline: November 20
Award: $2,000

Students who plan to attend a four-year Alaska-based institution and major in accounting could qualify for this scholarship.

11. Out to Protect Scholarship
Deadline: November 27
Award: $500-$1,000

LGBT students who want to pursue a career in law enforcement can enter to win this award.

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Scholarships for Illinois Students

Scholarships aren’t only for straight-A students or star athletes. Often, college money is available to students based on their geographic location. We’re happy to share some scholarships that are available to students in our home state of Illinois below.

Golden Apple Scholars Program
Illinois students interested in becoming teachers may qualify for the Golden Apple Scholars program. This unique teacher preparation program provides up to $23,000 in tuition assistance, mentoring, job placement assistance, and paid Summer Institutes that include classroom experience and courses. Be the difference that you want to see in your community. Click here to nominate yourself and to connect with representatives from Golden Apple.

Franks Gerkin McKenna Illinois Perseverance Scholarship
Have you overcome a difficult situation and come out stronger than before? The Franks Gerkin McKenna Perseverance Scholarship may be for you. It’s for Illinois students who plan to attend a two- or four-year higher education institution in their home state and have gotten through a tough time. Applicants must create a short video detailing their struggle, upload it to YouTube, and submit the link for consideration.

Horatio Alger Illinois Scholarship Program
Illinois high school seniors who have overcome adversity in their lives are eligible to apply for this $7,000 award. Students must demonstrate financial need, academic achievement, be an Illinois resident, and show involvement in extracurricular activities.

Wentcher Foundation Scholarship
High school seniors graduating from Chicago Public High Schools qualify for this $7,500 award. Applicants must have a 3.0 GPA or higher, demonstrate financial need, and show strong character.

Illinois Conservation Foundation’s Conservation Achievement Scholarship
This award is designed for Illinois high school seniors who have a 2.5 GPA or higher and have participated in conservation-related activities through their high school careers.

Phi Beta Kappa Chicagoland Area Scholarship
Every year, the Phi Beta Kappa Chicagoland Area Scholarship makes it possible for Chicago Public Schools graduates to go to college. Applicants must plan on attending a four-year school with a liberal arts program, reside in Chicago, and have an ACT composite score of at least 27.

Greenhouse Scholars Program
The Greenhouse Scholars Program is for Illinois residents who have an unweighted GPA of 3.5 or higher, plan to attend a four-year accredited institution, demonstrate financial need, and show strong leadership skills and commitment to their communities. The $20,000 scholarship is awarded in smaller amounts over a student’s four years in college.

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