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Here’s Proof That Good Dorm Food Is Not an Oxymoron

You’ve got all your college catalogs and literature in one neat stack. You’ve tentatively started your list of top college choices. As you stare at your list, a nagging question keeps replaying over and over in your mind:

Sure, it’s got a great computer science program, but how’s the food?

It’s not a frivolous question. You’ll be in dining halls quite a bit during college much more than you may realize. Why spend that time wrinkling your nose at food options, while planning to blow more money on a vending machine sandwich or a nearby food truck? There are certain dining halls in this country that could double as a four-star restaurant. But where to find them?

Look no further for the real scoop on good eats. Check out our brand new 2015 Cappies™.


The Cappies™ are a compilation of more than a million student reviews of over 2,000 U.S. colleges. These students haven’t been shy when it comes to what is the best college food, and The Cappies™ have taken this feedback and created a list of the top 25 schools when it comes to delicious breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

You can find the full list here. No limp, “wiltey” lettuce or strange odors will be found anywhere. But if lobster rolls, organic gardens with fresh produce, and vegetarian food options are your thing, by all means read on!

Best College Food is just one category that The Cappies™ will cover. We’ll also announce student rankings for the following categories: Campus Safety, Bang For The Buck, Academic Rigor, Clubs And Activities, and Dorm Life. Stay tuned for announcements soon.

In the meantime, happy reading ­and happy eating!

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Check out our new Cappex video!

Are you new to Cappex, or are you a seasoned veteran? Whether you have a little or a lot of experience with our site, our new video can help you! It highlights the benefits and features that Cappex has to offer you. Check it out!

Let us know in the comments how long you’ve been using our site and what your favorite features are.

Thank you for helping to make Cappex Your College Decision Headquarters™.

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Become a College Pro or Rock Star: The Cappex Cap Challenge

If you’re an avid user of, you are probably very familiar with the Cappex Cap Challenge and may have already risen all the way to “Rock Star” status. For the Cappex newbies out there and anyone else who might need a refresher, playing the Cappex Cap Challenge is a simple way for you to be rewarded as you make your college decisions.

As you progress through your college and scholarship search on, you’ll earn different virtual caps and climb through the ranks: Newbie, Rising Star, College Pro, and finally, Rock Star. The more you interact with colleges, apply to scholarships, and navigate the site, the sooner you will achieve a higher status and gain access to pretty cool perks.

If you collect 10 virtual caps, you’ll reach the College Pro level. After you collect 25 virtual caps, you’ll reach the Rock Star level and receive a Cappex baseball cap in the mail, joining our Rock Star Wall of Fame. Once you reach either of these levels, you will become eligible to apply for a special scholarship from Cappex. Each year, Cappex awards one $2,500 scholarship to a College Pro and one $5,000 scholarship to a Rock Star.

The April 30th deadline is quickly approaching for each scholarship opportunity, so don’t wait to begin playing the Cappex Cap Challenge. We want to help you earn the last few virtual caps you need in order to apply, so follow us on Facebook and Twitter to receive #CappexCapChallegeTips throughout the rest of this month!

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