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Buying a Work Wardrobe on a Student Budget

InterviewingSU2Beginning your summer job search? Or perhaps you have several internship interviews lined up? Whether you’re a high school senior or soon to be college grad, it’s never too soon to have office-appropriate clothes on standby. Even trickier is assembling a work wardrobe on a limited budget, which may spark you to frantically ask, “What do I wear!?” There are many simple ways around it, so don’t fret. The following advice will help you throughout and after your college career.

Invest in Workplace Staples

You’ll always have a need for blazers, nice slacks or pants, nice blouses or collared shirts, skirts, and button-ups. You can dress them up with accessories and other accent pieces. Remember to always dress more formally for interviews, even if the office has a casual dress code. Flip-flops are a major no-no, but hiring managers report that it still happens. If you’re unsure about whether your outfit is appropriate, check out these great visuals.

Mix & Match

Instead of buying new everything, mix and match what you already own. Versatility is the key to saving money – a nice shirt has a completely different look when paired with denim jeans than it does with nice pants or a skirt. This strategy allows you to be a chameleon; you never know when you might have to go from casual to business or vice versa.


While the latest styles in store windows are tempting to splurge on, you can create similar looks with items from the sale section. Try to shop out of season when possible; for example, in the spring, you’ll find lots of sweaters and cardigans for the fall on clearance racks.

Resale and Consignment Stores

These hidden gems are great ways to find quality pieces without spending a fortune. Even if something isn’t your size, you can easily have it custom-tailored and it will still be less than retail. Brand name suits, often notorious for being on the higher end, are more affordable in price at resale stores.

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College Career Moves: 7 Awesome Paid Internships

InternshipThere’s no doubting the benefits of an internship – they provide you with the ever elusive real-world experience that amplifies your postgrad job search. Paid internships are a flexible way for you to gain valuable experience and earn cash to avoid the “broke college student” stereotype. While you may think they are plentiful only in STEM fields – think again. In addition to science, technology, engineering, and math - paid internships exist in business operations, marketing, sales, communications, art & design, hospitality, and even publishing. Your paid internship could also lead to a full-time job offer. In a 2013 student survey, the National Association of Colleges and Employers found 63.1 percent of paid interns received at least one job offer.

Even if you’re still a high school student, keep these internship opportunities in mind when it comes to deciding what you want to study in college. Your area of study may lead you to some of the following lucrative internship opportunities.

1. NIKE, Inc.
Nike offers internships in product design, product development, financial, e-commerce, communications, sports marketing, logistics, or human resources. No matter the department, all Nike interns receive a competitive salary, travel and living stipend, and employee perks and benefits like access to amazing athletic facilities and employee store discounts.

2. Disney Professional Internships 
Vision yourself working for the mouse? Distinct from the Disney College Program, Disney Professional Internships allows students to gain on-the-job professional experience at Walt Disney World Resort, Disneyland Resort, and Walt Disney Imagineering. Agricultural sciences, communication, education, engineering, events, finance, operations/guest relations are just a few examples from a range of different areas. All internships are paid and may include housing and relocation assistance. 

3. Penguin Group USA
This internationally renowned publishing power house offers 10-week paid internships in editorial, finance, graphic design, marketing, online marketing, production, publicity, sales, and operations. The February deadline for summer internships is the 28th, so if you’re interested in working for the publisher behind bestsellers like John Green’s The Fault in Our Stars, get your application in soon!

4. L’Oreal
There’s business behind beauty. A diverse range of majors benefit from L’Oreal’s internship program. Become an intern in research, operations, finance, information systems, marketing, sales, communications, digital, or human resources. Students can also gain a global perspective with an international internship.  Each intern also receives personal development monitoring and coaching.

5. Nordstrom
For trendsetters interested in the business of fashion, Nordstrom offers a Retail Management Internship, Headquarters Internship, Merchandising and Planning Internship, and an MBA Internship. Interns work on strategic projects and gain an inside understanding of what it takes to create the Nordstrom shopping experience, all while earning a competitive salary.

6. PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC)
Professional services firm PricewaterhouseCoopers or PwC for short, offers winter, spring, and summer internships across the United States and internationally. PwC interns work directly with PwC clients on relevant assignments, receive coaching and training, and shadow PwC professionals. The International Intern Experience gives students a chance to work abroad to develop new skills.

7. Coca-Cola
One of the most recognized brands has internships for both undergrads and grads with aspirations to help “open happiness” across the world.  Coca-Cola offers strategic internships, seasonal internships, co-ops, summer jobs, and international opportunities.


5 Ways to Jump Start your Internship Prep over Winter Break


If you’re planning on having an internship in the spring or summer, winter break is the prime time to start researching what’s out there. For a number of internships, the application process starts three to four months in advance. With food, family, gifting and receiving on the agenda, you’ll be able to focus in a relaxed, satisfied mindset, rather than experience the rushed and procrastination-inducing habits that may surface in the thick of the semester. Believe us, self-motivation produces the best results! Here are five tips to scoring an interview for your dream internship:

1. Get to Know Your Options 

Cast a wide net and research as many companies as possible. Of course in this day and age, 99.99% of companies have a website and more increasingly, a social media presence. Follow your companies of interest on Twitter – they might share internship openings, making it easy for you to be one of the first to review the qualifications and apply. It’s also important to research the company culture. Visit the careers section of the website to investigate the values of company. Do you get a sense that the internship program will be a good hands-on learning experience or does it seem like they’re just looking for someone to make copies and coffee runs? If the latter, avoid it! Internships are suppose to be more beneficial to you than the company.

2. Ready that Resume 

After you’ve found a handful of internships you’d like to apply for, start targeting your resume to meet the job responsibilities. You’ll want to put down past experiences that demonstrate your interest in your field of interest as well as anything that conveys organizational and time management skills, and ability to collaborate. Low on experience? Volunteer work, extracurriculars, and any student leadership positions you may have held are more than relevant. Keep your resume to one page – be clear and concise and use strong action verbs to emphasize each bullet point. Websites like can make this often consuming task a piece of cake.

3. Perfect your Cover Letter

It’s time to shine. Don’t make the mistake of sending out the same cover letter to each company. The letter should be personalized and convey why you’d be a good fit for the internship and company offering it. This is where your background research on the company will come  into play. Try to tie in anything that stands out as unique to that company to why you’re interested in their program.

4.  Proofread, Review, Proofread Again 

Prepping in advance will give you ample time to proofread your resume and cover letter(s) before sending them off. Have a trusted friend, family member, or mentor read your materials to check grammar, spelling, and punctuation. Be open to suggestions!

5. Clean Up your Profiles 

So you come off as a stellar applicant on paper, but what about “on screen”? Hopefully you’ve got your privacy settings in check, but if you have public social media profiles, make sure you give off a good impression. If you don’t have one already, create a LinkedIn profile – bolster it to reflect your resume, academics, and achievements, and don’t forget a polished picture. Pro tip: Provide a link to your  LinkedIn profile on your resume. 


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