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Easy Ways to Start Planning for College This Summer

If you’re still an underclassman or just getting ready for junior year, it’s easy to put off college planning. You’ve still got plenty of time to think about college, right?

Wrong. Remember last time you didn’t start studying for a test or writing a paper until the night before you had to? Chances are, you felt stressed beyond belief and didn’t get the grade you wanted. And those bags under your eyes from a sleepless night weren’t too pretty, either.

That’s why it’s so important to start planning for college early. Summer may be underway, but we’re not telling you to start doing the heavy lifting just yet. Here are a few simple things you can do this summer to start adding schools to your college list.

Consider Your Strengths
If you thrive in arts and humanities classes but struggle with numbers, chances are you won’t want to become a statistics major. Think about what you’re good at and what you enjoy. How will these translate into a major or career down the line? What topics will you still find interesting years from now? Which schools offer these programs?

Think About What Environments You Thrive In
You may not be thinking about specific colleges yet, but it’s really never too early to get a head start. If rankings, reviews, and programs are too much to handle right now, start small. What environments do you prefer? Big cities? Small rural towns? Do you love big groups and meeting lots of new people, or do you prefer knowing everyone in your town? Use these preferences to help you start determining which colleges could be a good fit and add them to your list.

Don’t Despair if You Aren’t Sure
No idea what you want to study or where to study it? Try taking our Careers and Majors quiz. It’s a quick and easy personality assessment that shows you which majors and careers would be a good fit for you. You can then find out which colleges offer these degrees and learn more about them – it’s easy!

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8 Unique Fundraising Ideas for High School Students

With Prom around bake-salethe corner, and outdoor sports starting up again, spring is a big season for fundraising at high schools. Bake sales are great, but get old. Whether you are Student Council President, or just want to help out, you can get creative with fundraising and have a blast doing it! Of course, you must always check with your school’s administration and secure all proper approvals before doing any fundraising for your school.

Check out these unique fundraising ideas for high school students.

1. Teacher Auction

Students love seeing another side of their teachers, and are willing to pay for it! Have teachers come up with their own donations and auction off items or experiences to students. Here are some examples: a personalized piece of artwork from an art teacher, a ‘Happy Birthday’ serenade from a music teacher, a trip to a museum with a history teacher as your guide, or even the opportunity to be principal for the day.

2. Candy Sales

If it’s a class-wide fundraiser, consider using a fundraising program from a well-known brand such as Fannie May, Hershey’s, or Otis Spunkmeyer. Sure, selling sweets has been done before, but that doesn’t change the fact that people will spend money on them! Make it unique and encourage students to participate by offering prizes to the top sellers.

3. Movie Night

Some movie theaters will help schools raise money by donating a movie showing to your group or offering discounted tickets for you to sell. Make sure the movie has a PG or safer rating so families with young children can go together. Market it as a great opportunity for friends’ families and siblings to meet!

4. Jeans for Green

This is an easy way to raise money at schools with uniforms or strict dress codes. See if your school’s administration will allow students to pay $1-$3 to dress down for the day.

5. Trivia Contest

Have an after-school or lunch-time trivia contest and charge a fee for teams to register. Ask your principal or a faculty member to MC and see if a local business can donate a prize for the winning team. Find tips on planning a trivia event here.

6. Balloon Pop

Have students pay a few dollars to pick a helium balloon out a bunch to pop. Put a slip of paper in each balloon that either says “Thank You, Try Again” or reveals that they’ve won a prize. Have a range of prizes of varying value so you can ensure all the balloons get sold.

7. Mini Golf

Ask clubs or homerooms to each create their own mini golf hole for this school-wide fundraiser. The course can be in a contained space like the gym or cafeteria, or all over the school! Have each group pick a theme such as a Parisian themed golf hole for the French club, a Shakespearean theme for the drama club, or Pi themed for the Mathletes. Charge admission to play a round, and award a prize to the most creative theme!

8. Recipe Book

Collect recipes from students and teachers and create a special cookbook for your school. Sell the books to students and parents.

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Winter Survival Kit for High School & College Students

We here at Cappex Headquarters are right in the middle of a deep freeze! If you’re in an area that’s suffering from similar conditions, walking and driving to and from class can prove to be quite the treacherous journey. We’re offering up a few essential items to assemble for your winter survival kit that will help you get through the season.


1. Invest in a quality coat, because it will make all the difference. In severely cold temperatures, someone who isn’t bundled up properly or has exposed skin can develop frostbite or hypothermia in a matter of minutes. Choose a coat that has down or down alternative filling — like this one from Orolay or this one from U.S. Polo Assn. — or another fluffy material that offers a good amount of insulation. Look for one with a hat to keep your entire head covered and warm during those times where the wind chill drops.

2. It’s a good idea to stock up on essential medicine before you get sick. The last thing you’ll want to do when you’re sick is go out in the cold weather to go to the store. Save yourself the trip by being one step ahead. Be sure to have on hand pain relievers, cold & flu relief medicine, cough and throat drops, and tissues. We love this adorable kit from Mom’s Medicine Chest that has all the essentials in one place.

3. If you’re not feeling well or just need to defrost after a particularly cold walk, curling up under an electric throw or blanket will warm you up in no time. For chilly nights, warm up your bed before getting into it at night: about ten or fifteen minutes before you’re ready to go to bed, lay out your electric blanket under your blankets and on top of your flat sheet. Once you’re ready, remove and unplug the electric blanket and enjoy the warmth as you drift off to sleep. We’re big fans of this heated throw from Sunbeam that’s the perfect size for wrapping up in. (Whenever using an electric blanket, be sure to follow all the safety instructions and always unplug it when not in use.) 

4. For those days when you’ve got a long, cold walk ahead of you or when you need to stay outside for an extended amount of time, keep your hands and feet extra warm with hand and feet warmers. These warmers come in all different shapes and sizes, like these hand warmers and foot warmers from HotHands, and provide tremendous warmth for hours. Winter is hibernation season, which means that going out to eat is not always an option. Delivery can get expensive, so to save a few bucks and eat in the comfort of your own home, stock up on canned goods and microwaveable food. Let’s be honest, after a cold, hard day, nothing beats effortless, on-demand, warm food. For these types of situations, having food options on hand that are quick and super easy to prepare are ideal, like soup, chili, spaghetti-o’s, mac & cheese, dry microwaveable meals, and frozen meals. Another great option is whipping up a big batch of soup, chili, or pasta on the weekend and heating up individual portions of it throughout the week. Don’t forget to also stock up on essential warm weather drinks, like coffee, tea, and hot chocolate.

6. To keep yourself extra warm when you have to brave the elements, wear tight clothing under your regular clothes. Tight clothing, such as leggings and fitted shirts are great in retaining warmth and body temperature. Cuddl Duds makes a huge selection of clothing made specifically for this purpose, so check them out.

7. Moisturizing and exfoliating have never been more important than now. As the cold season progresses, your skin will become dry, crackly, and flaky. To treat this, regularly exfoliate and moisturize your hands, face, and lips. Invest in a good hand cream and some lip balm. For your face, there are many DIY exfoliation and moisturizing recipes using everyday ingredients that will do the trick.

If the cold has you holed up inside, take advantage of that time by checking in on your Cappex College Message Center and maybe even applying for a few scholarships!

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