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Student Rankings: Clubs and Activities for 4yr Public Schools in MidAtlantic Region

Is being involved with your college important to you?

Get to know what social life is like on campus before you get there. We’ve scoured our database of student reviews and found the top 10 colleges in the Mid-Atlantic region that YOU think have the best student organizations!

Are you involved in a club or activity at your school? Leave a comment or login to write a review that could be featured on the next Top 10 list.

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#10 Montclair State University – Montclair, NJ

Montclair State offers a variety of academic programs to support you in the pursuit of your career goals. I have made many friends in a program I am enrolled in, and making friends makes college life that much more enjoyable. There are also many clubs to get involved in. There is the Latin American Student Organization (LASO), the Caribbean Student Organization (CaribSO), the Organization of Students for African Unity (OSAU), and many others. There are multiple Greek Life fraternities and sororities you can become a member of. There are many spiritual organizations to join, according to your faith… Make sure to get involved with clubs and activities. –Elisha from Blackwood, NJ

#9 University at Buffalo – Buffalo, NY

UB has a club for EVERYTHING. Some popular clubs are True Blue (sports fans), Schussmeisters (skiing/snowboarding), and Outdoor Adventure. Those are just a few. There are clubs based off of majors, religions, and ethnicity. UB has made sure that every single student can find a club to interest them and if not it is easy to start a club of your own. – Bridget from Orchard Park, NY

#8 Towson University – Towson, MD

There are so many clubs to join at Towson, over 200 groups to be exact! University Residence Government, Student Government Association, Campus Activities Board, Best Buddies, Math Education Club, Skydiving Club, Figure Skating Club, Quidditch team (yes, from Harry Potter!), Black Student Union, and so many more! Towson has such a variety, you will definitely find something you like, and if you want to start your own club, you can do that too! – Angela from Sicklerville, NJ

#7 Morgan State University – Baltimore, MD

Everyone will find something to do at Morgan state. There are fashion clubs, sports clubs, art and film clubs, as well as the knowledge bowl club. Aside from the extracurricular there are clubs focused on academics such as finance and accounting clubs. On campus there is a theater for movies, a gym for working out and recreation, practice fields for sports, and there is also a game room. These areas are frequented by students, but most students choose the sporting events as their main source of fun. – K’Ronn from Baltimore, MD

#6 Indiana University of Pennsylvania – Indiana, PA

There are many clubs to join from, there is not one person on campus that can’t look at the list of clubs and say there isn’t at least one club that interests them. They are made by students for students. IUP activities are mostly educational but some are very fun such as IUP day where many clubs come together and have tables to welcome new members. – Michael from Whitehouse, NJ

#5 University of Pittsburgh – Pittsburgh, PA

There are plenty of activities to be involved and engaged in. Our Ultimate Frisbee team just won the national championship, and our fencing team is also very competitive. I personally love snowboarding so I joined the Ski and Snowboard club which allows me to engage in my hobby for a discounted rate with other likeminded students in close proximity to the school and far away. –Zainul from Chester Springs, PA

#4 University of Maryland – College Park, MD

Within the first two weeks of the Fall Semester, the First Look Fair will be held on the McKeldin Mall. At this Fair, every single club and organization on campus will be there to represent themselves, look to recruit new members, and best of all, give out FREE STUFF. It’s a bit overwhelming at first, but it’s best to sign up and collect information for as many as you’re interested in – then you can go back to your dorm and figure out which are most important to you, and what you have time for. Every organization holds great events on campus, from improv and sketch shows, to fundraising games and bake sales – these spice up the everyday life on campus. – Jennifer from Winter Springs, FL

#3 Temple University – Philadelphia, PA

Temple has an activity for everyone, whether students want to play in a Renaissance music ensemble, volunteer with underprivileged children, network with local professionals, or write for a sit-com. –Courtney from Souderton, PA

#2 Rutgers University – New Brunswick, NJ

Rutgers University offers endless extracurricular opportunities. The Glee Club, Residence Hall Association, and Student Government, are some of the many popular organizations. In this ethnically diverse and high-spirited community, students can find also multi-ethnic clubs and organizations. Rutgers University Student who seek to pledge and join a fraternity and sorority are more than welcomed. Networking is the key for any future profession. I find the blend of urban and rural environment very comforting. Ultimately, Rutgers is suitable for anyone who strongly believes that education is his or her own creation. Henceforth, Rutgers is a prestigious university that proudly stands by the slogan “Jersey Roots, Global Reach.” – Samir from Jersey City, NJ

#1 Penn State University – University Park, PA

You must get involved with THON while you are here. THON is a no sitting no standing 46 hour dance marathon in efforts to raise awareness and funds for pediatric cancer. It is a yearlong effort and THON is a 46 hour event. You will be moved and inspired while getting involved with THON and will make so many friends through it. It’s one of those indescribable events that sets Penn State apart from many schools. – Cathy from State College, PA

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7 Real College Classes that Sound too Good to be True

College classes don’t have to be a complete bore to sit through. There are actually some really cools ones out there. Ever wanted to earn a grade in climbing trees? Or how about in creating your very own smartphone app? That and many more cool courses made our list of college classes that are too good to be true. So ditch the average run of the mill electives and check out these cool classes.

iPhone Application Development

For all of you app lovers out there, this one is for you. Ever wanted to know how to make your very own smartphone app? Well in this class offered at Stanford University, you can learn how or just download it for free on iTunes U. Students have created apps to help them through their daily college life struggles, such as making healthy choices at the dining hall or managing lab experiments.

“California, Here We Come”The O.C. and the Self Aware Culture of 21st Century America

Remember the hit show The O.C.? Well relive it in all its awesome glory along with other California-based shows like the The Hills and The Real Housewives of Orange County in this class offered at Duke University. Earn a grade for watching your favorite TV shows? Now that’s definitely too good to be true.

Harry Potter Literature & the Science of Harry Potter

Read the beloved YA series in this class offered at The Ohio State University and at many other colleges and universities. For once, you don’t have to feel the dread of doing tons of reading for a class. For those with an interest in science, Frostburg State University offers a class called the Science of Harry Potter, in which the principles of physics are used to explain the magic at Hogwarts.

Surviving the Coming Zombie Apocalypse – Catastrophes and Human Behavior

I’m sure after watching Zombieland and The Walking Dead, you and your friends have discussed in great detail how you’d all survive a zombie apocalypse. How about actually putting your survival skills to the test? In this summer course offered at Michigan State University, you and your fellow classmates simulate the outcome of surviving a zombie pandemic along with other apocalyptic fates, such as a meteor strike or the Black Death. Sounds spooky to some, but for others it’s the ultimate test of survival and fun.

Tree Climbing                

Get in touch with your inner child in this outdoor education class offered at Cornell University. Escape from the classroom and climb and swing your way through local wooded areas. Don’t worry about falling, you’ll be safe in a harness and helmet of course.

Learning from YouTube

Want to get college credit for watching YouTube videos? Is that a trick question? Nope. In this class at Pitzer College, students learn by watching, discussing, and commenting on YouTube videos.

Underwater Basket Weaving

Traditionally, this idiom has been used as a negative term to describe a supposedly easy college class. Thanks to Reed College, that’s not so anymore! During the college’s Paideia Festival of Learning, students enjoy taking non-credit courses like this one.


10 of the Greenest Colleges in America


Of course it makes sense that institutions of higher learning are developing new and better ways of protecting the planet. All that brain power really does do some good, no? Today, colleges and universities have gone past simple recycling to starting organic gardens, developing solar panels, and even creating “living machines.” Here are ten colleges whose commitment to going green has blown us out of the water.

1. College of the Atlantic

In Bar Harbor, Maine, this small school has one focus: human ecology, defined as the study of our species’ relationship to the planet. In 2007, COA was the first US college to go carbon neutral. The campus is also committed to green building, historic preservation, land conservation, and elimination of toxins.

2. Warren Wilson College

This nearly self-supporting school exists in Swannanoa, North Carolina. What makes this college special? All food and lumber are sourced from its own organic gardens and managed forests (even the chainsaws use soy oil!). All vehicles run on biodiesel or are hybrid or solar-charged. The streetlamps are solar-powered as well, with low light pollution. Students also give old items new life at the “free store.”

3. The Evergreen State College

This 1,000-acre campus (including 800 acres of woods, forest, and saltwater beach) can be found in Olympia, Washington.  Students get down and dirty with organic farming, conservation, ecology, and much more. Evergreen also buys 100% clean power, is trying out electric vehicles, and has a LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certified seminar building.

4. Oberlin College

This progressive college, home of green design master David Orr, has a web-based system that monitors energy and water used in dorms. It boasts the state of Ohio’s largest solar array, and perhaps the coolest thing is its model “living machine.” What’s a “living machine,” you ask? It’s a system designed to process waste water through a plant- and bacteria-based filtration system. Neat, huh?

5. Middlebury College

This Vermont college pushes carbon neutrality, hosts popular energy-saving competitions in the dorms, and has a sculpture made from locally harvested saplings. When they needed to rebuild an old structure, it was carefully torn down so the parts could be used again in green “reconstruction.”

6. Berea College

A five-acre residential complex of houses makes up this college’s Ecovillage, which has the goals of 75% reduction in energy and water use, and a 50% reduction in solid waste. These houses contain eco-friendly appliances, heavy insulation, solar panels, wind-power, rainwater collectors, a living machine, and more!

7. University of California

With high goals, including generating 10 megawatts of renewable energy by 2014 and achieving zero waste and carbon neutrality by 2020, this state school system is to be admired. UCLA has already increased bicycle use by 50%, and UC-Berkeley has won attention for hosting the first certified organic kitchen in a college setting.

8. Harvard University

Harvard has been installing motion sensors and other energy efficiency devices, their school buildings have achieved up to 73% reductions in waste, and their commitment to using recycled paper  is astounding. School trucks have also been converted to run on spare vegetable oil from dining facilities…no waste here!

9. Duke University

This university in Durham, North Carolina, now requires all future construction to be certified by the US Green Building Council. The campus features the SmartHouse dormitory, a LEED platinum building.

10. California State University – Chico

This university was awarded the National Wildlife Federation’s Campus Ecology Chill Out contest award for their certified green building, installing energy-saving software, solar panels, and other initiatives.


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