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At Some Colleges, An “A” Is Truly Earned – Cappex’s Latest List Shows You Where They Are and How to Navigate Them

hardestCappiesLogoMany students thrive in academic settings where the classwork is challenging and demanding.  They have a true love of learning for knowledge’s sake, and are intellectually curious. When it comes time to pick a college for the next four years, they know the traditional names associated with “higher learning.”  But what is being taught at these schools? How is educational success defined? What are students saying about their academics (and the homework)?

While such environments can often put incredible amounts of stress on students, they also inspire them to think in ways they never have before. The chances of meeting a professor or teaching assistant who may serve as an intellectual mentor are higher. Future career paths and a true purpose for learning can be found at every turn.

Just being accepted for enrollment at these schools is a tremendous achievement. The list of applicants to the schools on our new list grows every year, and each prospective student brings an impressive list of accomplishments and talents to the table. An extremely small percentage is accepted to these schools – sometimes as low as seven percent.

Cappex knows that one student’s definition of “hard classes” differs from another. But when a large group of student reviews says pretty much the same thing, then a real picture of an academically challenging institution comes into much clearer focus.

Our newest 2014 Cappies list is called “Hardest Colleges.” These are the 25 schools that challenge students in a variety of ways and bring out their best. A majority of graduates from these schools do not stop after four years. They go on to obtain more advanced degrees, and the percentage of those who go on to earn Ph.Ds is also very high. Graduates from these universities may often enter academia as a profession. The top schools as determined by our reviewers are highlighted here.

In this new list, you will find familiar, traditional names of colleges that have long been associated with advanced scholarly research programs, one-of-a-kind undergraduate study curriculum, and requirements above and beyond those found at other institutions. However, some of the names on this list may not be so recognizable to first-time college applicants, and deserve serious consideration.

This marks the fourth category covered by The Cappies, with two more (Clubs and Activities, Dorm Life) left. Stay tuned for announcements on that front. Please pass this blog post to anyone looking for a strenuous college environment that both challenges and rewards the inquiring, restless mind.

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What Colleges Provide the Maximum Return on Investment? This List Has the Answer

valueCappiesLogoIt’s been said time and again: You can’t put a value on a good education.  But in the year 2014, that maxim is under more and more duress. College is expensive, and there’s just no getting around that any more.

Consider the numbers:

According to the U.S. Department of Education, the average tuition at U.S. four-year colleges is $22,261 per year. At some schools, that figure can go as high as $60,000 a year. Furthermore, that’s a figure that’s only rising, not decreasing. Student loans are a whole separate issue. Today, U.S. students owe about $1.1 trillion in loan repayments. That’s more than our current credit card debt.

So what are students getting, exactly, for all that money? A high price tag can sometimes put more stress on students who may feel the need to justify the cost of his or her four years. They may think:

At Cappex, we prefer to focus on what you are getting for the hard-earned money you’re about to spend. College costs aren’t limited to just tuition. There’s room and board, expenses, and other unforeseen costs.“I just got a C+ on my econ mid-term, and if my parents find out they will hit the roof. They just wrote another huge tuition check.”

With that in mind, our brand new The 2015 Cappies™ list is called “Best Value Colleges.” It takes a look at 25 schools that offer the biggest bang for the buck. Some schools are taking truly innovative measures to ensure that graduates come out after four years with solid job prospects and little to no debt. The top schools as determined by our reviewers are highlighted here.

In this new list, you will find colleges who have earned a sterling reputation for their outstanding academics and affordability. They provide what students determine to be a quality education (such as Holy Cross, SUNY, and the U.S. Naval Academy, among others). Furthermore, their tuition rates are comparatively low, and they provide generous financial aid to those students in need.

This marks the third category covered by the Cappies™, with three more to go. Over the next few weeks, we’ll also announce student rankings for the Hardest Colleges, Best Colleges for Activities, and Best College Dorms. Stay tuned for announcements on that front, and in the meantime, please share this blog with an interested friend (or two).

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Which U.S. Colleges are Ranked as the Safest?

safetyCappiesLogoCampus safety is a hard topic to discuss. No one likes to even imagine that he or she may be a target for crime. But that’s why it is so important. The college experience is exciting, but it does mean you’ll be on your own. A lot. You’ll be out late at night, whether it’s studying, going to a party, or just coming home from a movie or concert. You’ll be home alone in either a dorm or apartment.

There will be choices for you to make in order to go through the school year without incident. Schools are always there to help, with valuable tips, resources and on-campus services.

Take it from those who have been there – there are definitely tricks of the trade when it comes to campus safety. Some are just common sense, such as securing your bicycle properly, going with a buddy when walking from one place to another, or locking all your doors at night. But other tips, while not as obvious, can make all the difference in the world.

Are some schools safer than others? It’s a factor in picking the school that’s right for you. We believe the release of our brand new 2015 Cappies™ category: “Safest Colleges,” will be of high interest to students and parents alike.

The Cappies™ have taken millions of reviews and safety ratings from nearly 2,000 U.S. colleges. Many of the schools on our list provide services for students such as late night transportation services, escorts to walk people to and from destinations on campus, real-time crime reports and 24-hour emergency telephones.

Other recognized schools are trying out more innovative safety measures with great success. One school in particular offers a customized version of the “Circle Of 6” mobile phone app. If you download the app, you can pick six friends or resources as part of your circle. Students who ever find themselves in an unsafe situation can text any of those resources or friends with just a couple of clicks.

Go through the list and find out which school offerings may fit you the best.

Campus Safety is the second category covered by the Cappies™. We previously covered Best College Food, and going forward we will provide student rankings for the following categories: Hardest Colleges, Best Value Colleges, Best Colleges for Activities, and Best College Dorms. Stay tuned for further announcements there.

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